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Third Day( 第三天樂團 )



【 Offerings: A Worship Album 】【 英文 】【 2000-07-11 】

1.All the Heavens

2.King of Glory


4.You're Everywhere

5.Your Love Oh Lord

6.You Are so Good to Me

7.These Thousand Hills

8.Agnus Dei/Worthy (live)

9.My Hope Is You (live)

10.Thief (live)

11.Consuming Fire (live)

12.Love Song (live)


In the afterglow of capturing a Dove award for 'Rock album of the year' with their southern-rock grinder Time, Third Day has now stepped in line with the worship movement and released Offerings: A Worship Album. Interspersed among five new songs, this album contains several live concert tracks, including the favorite 'Your Love, Oh Lord.' Even though the new songs demonstrate Third Day's superior creativity and talent, the live tracks are the forte of this project. The undulating dynamics exhibit the band's unity as they work together to create a singular response to the Savior. As well, some of the tracks incorporate the sound of the worshiping audience, adding a congregational feel to the album. The lyrical content is similar to that of songs from a typical Sunday morning service. But these traditional expressions of faith are given new life by the resonating fervor of Mac Powell's lead vocal style. Third Day is known for being uncompromisingly God-centered with their music. This project uncovers that quality to its most extreme degree. --Israel Button