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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Third Day( 第三天樂團 )Come Together

Third Day( 第三天樂團 )



【 Come Together 】【 英文 】【 2001-11-06 】

1.Nothing Compares

2.When the Rain Comes

3.40 Days

4.Come Together

5.Show Me Your Glory

6.Get On

7.My Heart

8.Still Listening

9.I Got You

10.Sing Praises

11.I Don't Know

12.It's Alright


These Georgia rockers rode a tidal wave of fame after their superb Offerings release in 2000 netted a ton of Dove Awards as well as Grammy nominations. The ensuing whirlwind found them clinging tighter than ever to the foundation of their faith as well as to their music. The aptly titled Come Together melds the group's immense talent into a compelling must-have release. Mac Powell's growling vocals have always been a signature for the band and that hasn't changed. But thanks to producer Monroe Jones, Come Together also illuminates the fine guitar work of Brad Avery and Mark Lee, all the while supported by the skin-tight rhythm of bassist Tai Anderson and drummer David Carr. The driving rocker 'Get On' is balanced by the gorgeous balladry of 'It's Alright.' In between the two, Third Day beautifully rock our world, and for that we should be grateful. --Michael Lyttle