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Passage 4


Passage 4

Universal Stage

My search has never stopped for me.
The search for equal unity.
A unity which is showing who I am.
A ground for universal stage.
A ground where everyone's engaged.
My mind and my own body, every day.

I keep my search for universal stage - universal stage.

If the key was broken, the lock was gone.
We had tried til we had won.
There's something to be brothers after all.
All of my actions, all of my faith.
I keep on searching before it's too late.
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Unity by no means, can't you see.

I will tell you why.
Why I always try.
Try to keep believing.
Believe in my feelings.

Cause I believe, yes I do.
You know it's true.
Never stop believing.
Reach out for my feelings.
Why don't you do the same.