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Passage 4


Passage 4

Thousand Years of Secrets

You got to think of what's available
Think of what you have
Think of all the things you really need

You need some money to your servant
Money to your goal
Money for the life you reach for

You need respect for all the charity
Respect for all the pain
Respect for the word reality

You put your trust in all your money
Trust in things you have
Trust into the world you live in
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I've got a thousand years of secrets in my mind
I've got a thousand years that you will never find
I once had a life I lived it from the start
I got a thousand years of secrets in my heart

Somebody drew the line behind me
Drew it in belief
Belief that I was ready to cross it

In time I feel I have to sell out
Feel I have to go
Feel I have to reach devotion