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Fun Size


Talk about insecurities
I've got my share of those, you see
I'm too afraid to lose
Or let anyone close to me

It's winter in my heart
Cold and barren from the start
I'd like to not keep my thoughts from
thawing but it's black as night in there
There's nothing to warm me inside out

Is it anybody's fault?
I'd like to not keep myself inside but is it anybody's fault?

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I've got no right to complain
I've caused this hurt again
There's no love left for me
I forgot what it even means to love

I'm slowly killing myself by suffocating what I used to be
That pumped the joy through me
I don't want to turn out the light cause I'll be
forced to see how life would be like if everything was right
That's when I'll finally see that dark finger pointing at me
That's whose fault it is, it's mine