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What I Lack

I'm beginning to feel this way all the time
That anyone else's company will do
because I've always felt that I need it to
I stay up all night drinking coffee and I
think how it would be nice to have someone
Who could share this with me

What is it we can't find in ourselves that
makes us put so much faith in someone else?
What's wrong with looking inside
instead of looking at her for a change?
A compliment stops short when I hide the
eyes of just another pathetic lonely guy
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And then I go retreat, thinking of the love I just missed out on

It's just I've got this thing where I
like to give credit where credit's due
And I've got no one to prove me wrong
because I've got no one in my corner at all
If I took my own advice for a minute maybe I'd look less into it
And there wouldn't be this self-scrutiny, no coming up short

What I lack in myself