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The Notorious B.I.G.


The Notorious B.I.G.

Whatchu Want Freestyle

Representin' Brooklyn...
Puff Daddy, Uptown, Bad Boy!

[Verse 1:]
A repetitive loop - all I need to destroy
A soloist or group, haa! - I put to ya boy!
Hope you got the Scoop! - Biggie Smalls's, tha rap genius!
I keep tha Glock by the penis;
The cleanest cut! - Fuck sluts with the big humongous butts;
Haahh! - I use a rubber but!
My style is gushy like the hooker's pussy
And it don't take alota back-talk to push me,
Into flamin' 'em! - Like that lil' nigga Damien.
Glock-19 to my motherfuckin' cranium!
Game tight, gun totin' motherfucker!
Niggas in the grave thought Biggie was a sucker!
I tricked 'em! - I gave 'em work then I sticked 'em;
I stripped them! - Cause niggaz don't want the friction!
Told you before how I bring tha dra-ma!
Slam Larry Johnson and his grandma-ma! - Whatcha want nigga?

Yo, little bit of flavor aiiight? (YEAH!)
Uh, yeah! Uh!

[Verse 2: (Radio DJ)]
Fuck around and feel the fury of a high nigga
When I get busy - throw your hands in the sky, nigga!
I got the illest of the ill mentality! - Niggas be grabbin' me!
Knowing that they'd rather be stabbin' me! (uhh!)
All up in my back tryna take my track
When I used to sell Crack, I ain't had problems like that!
STREET RULES! - Watch your pockets and your jewels! (whooo!)
A nigga front, throw the Gat to the fool!
Tears don't affect me! - I heard 'em with a Tec, G (woooaaahhh!)
Disrespect me. - My potency is deadly!
Want the venom, hits the Serah pal 'em
My necks get check - and my hand start swallin'
Keep the .9-millimeter by the peanut
The killa mothafucka don't a thing, feel swetheart!
Ooooooh, I remember I had hurt the bloodsworth
The robbery ain't worse, deserve!

[B.I.G.:]And you don't stooop! Yeah...
[Radio DJ:]Aahhh! Biggie Smalls is in the house!


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