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50 Cent

6 Out Of 6 (Get Gully)

I guess this is 6 out of 6 muthafuckers
Tell me how do you want it, the knife or the razor
You running, I'm coming to get you boy
You can hide if you want but nothing can save ya
Times running out, I'ma get ya boy
I threw a b-boy style, bullet wound in my smile
That beef I cook it, niggas I gets down
Call it what you want, the clip, the ladder, banana
I bet when I squeeze it, niggas scatter
The hoes, that's a whole different story
Find out the baby ain't mine, right there on Maury
Me I make the whip fishtail, trunk full of fishscale
Raw market itself, sucka the shit sell
That's 36 o's of love, give me kiss, give me love
Get to talking in codes, the phones bugged
This Ferrari I get to the green, half man, hald machine
(Tu, tu, tu) I'm on ya head with the beam
So focused ferocious, I shoot ya pretty ass out them Gucci loafers
You're fucking with the wrong one
The strong one that God gave the gift
Stop the hater shit, you wanna make it
Why would you be mad I dun made it bitch
Tell me how do you want it, the knife or the razor
You running, I'm coming to get you boy
You can hide if you want but nothing can save ya
Times running out, I'ma get ya boy
(Get get gully, g-g-get gully
Get get gully, g-g-get gully
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We get gully and we get money
Them schemin' ass chicks can't get shit from me)
Rain drops from heaven, the angels are cryin'
It's raining outside, envision my gun firin'
Red and white flashes, the police coming
Nigga you ain't hittin' none, why the fuck are you running
I make your momma wish your ass was a stillborn
When that eagle get to chirping on the front lawn
Where's teh love, I don't know but here's the snub
Sucker barrel swallow the slug, die like a thug
You know it's really not worth it
To fuck with me, you'd rather tongue kiss the serpent
Don't cry we all die
It's just a matter of time
Nigga one shot from the nine will shatter your spine
Uh, the last of my breed, criminal tendencies inside of an emcee
Fuck around I will line you
Run from me, I will find you
Forgot I'm nice, I will remind you
One, two, fifty coming for you
Three, four, better lock ya door
Five, six, grab ya crucifix
Seven, eight, don't stay up late
Yeah, I need a target
So I can smash their head


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