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50 Cent( 五角 )【 共收藏 62 张专辑, 900 首歌 】
50 Cent(1975年7月6日-),本名柯蒂斯·詹姆士·杰克逊三世(英语:Curtis James Jackson III),美国饶舌歌手。他借由2003年专辑《Get Rich or Die Tryin'》(至死求富)和2005年专辑《The Massacre》(大屠杀)而扬名。两张专辑都获得了双白金销售认证,总计售出超过2100万份拷贝。

生于纽约皇后区南牙买加的杰克逊,12岁时就开始贩毒买卖。 在结束贩毒生涯转而成为一名饶舌歌手后,他于2000年被人射伤,中弹9枪。2002年,当他发行了专辑《Guess Who's Back?》(猜猜谁回来了?),杰克逊的音乐才华被饶舌歌手阿姆发掘,并随即让杰克逊与环球唱片公司签约。在阿姆和德瑞博士的帮助下,杰克逊首获商业上的巨大成功,并跻身全球最热卖饶舌歌手行列。2003年,他成立了厂牌G-Unit唱片公司,并签约了众多成功的饶舌艺人,包括扬·巴克(Young Buck)、洛依·班克斯以及托尼·亚尤。

杰克逊和众多饶舌歌手不合,其中包括Ja Rule、肥乔、贾达基斯、卡姆隆、尚恩·库姆斯、里克·罗斯,以及前G-Unit成员The Game和扬·巴克。他还涉足影视,曾在2005年半自传体的电影《至死求富》(Get Rich or Die Tryin')中出镜,另外他还出演过2006年伊拉克战争题材电影《忠义之家》(Home of the Brave)和2008年电影《正义杀戮》(Righteous Kill)。
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No Romeo No Juliet 英文
1.No Romeo No Juliet
The Kanan Tape 英文
1.Nigga Nigga (提供)
2.Too Rich for the Bitch
3.Body Bags (提供)
4.Tryna Fuck Me Over (提供)
5.I'm The Man
6.Burner On Me (提供)
7.On Everything (提供)
CandleWick 2 英文
1.Still Here (ft. Kidd Kidd, Tyson) (提供)
2.Choices (Remix) (ft. E-40, Snoop Dogg)
3.Comfortable (Remix) (ft. K Camp, Akon) (提供)
4.New Chick (Remix) (ft. Jonn Hart, Kid Ink) (提供)
5.I'm The Man (ft. Sonny Digital)
6.Tryna Fuck Me Over (ft. Post Malone)
7.Nigga Nigga (ft. Lil Boosie, Young Buck)
8.I Wanna Benz (ft. YG, Nipsey Hussle)
9 Shots 英文
1.9 Shots
Winners Circle 英文
1.Winners Circle
Don't Worry 'Bout It 英文
1.Don't Worry 'Bout It
Animal Ambition 英文
1.Flip On You
3.Winner Circle
4.Chase the Paper
5.The Funeral
6.You Know
7.Hold On
8.Dont Worry Bout It
9.Animal Ambition
12.Everytime I Come Around
13.Irregular Heartbeat
Going No Where 英文
1.Turn The Lights On
2.Stop Crying
3.Niggas Be Scheming
5.Shooting Guns
6.Put Your Hands Up
7.Wait Til Tonight
8.Off And On
9.Nah Nahnah
My Life 英文
1.My Life(feat. Eminem & Adam Levine)
Street King Immortal 英文
1.My Life
2.Lighters (提供)
3.New Day
4.First Date
5.The Psycho
6.The Champion (提供)
7.Major Distribution
My Life (Single) 英文
1.My Life (Single)
First Date (Single) 英文
1.First Date (Single)
5 (Murder by Numbers) 英文
1.My Crown
3.United Nations
4.Business Mind
5.Roll That Shit
6.Leave The Lights On
8.Definition of Sexy
9.Be My Bitch
10.Can I Speak To You
Wait Until Tonight (Single) 英文
1.Wait Until Tonight (Single)
The Return Of A Heartless Monster 英文
1.Jekyll And Hyde (提供)
2.Southside Soulja
3.Sunday Morning
4.Killa Tape
5.Guns For Sale
7.Heartless Monster
8.Don't Front
9.Run Up On Me
The Big 10 英文
1.Body On It
2.Ni**a's Be Schemin'
3.Queens, NY
4.I Just Wanna
5.Shootin' Guns
6.Put Ya' Hands Up
7.Wait Until Tonight
8.You Took My Heart
9.Off & On
10.Nah, Nah, Nah
11.Stop Cryin'
12.Outro Skit
Girls Go Wild (Single) 英文
1.Girls Go Wild (Single)
Before I Self Destruct 英文
1.The Invitation(邀请)
2.Then Days Went By(日复一日)
3.Death To My Enemies(歼灭敌人) (提供)
4.So Disrespectful(超级无礼) (提供)
5.Psycho(feat. Eminem)(疯子 痞子天王阿姆对饶) (提供)
6.Hold Me Down(掩护我) (提供)
7.Crime Wave(犯罪狂潮) (提供)
8.Stretch(膨胀) (提供)
9.Strong Enough(够强) (提供)
10.Get It Hot(feat. Lloyd Banks)(来点辣的 五角兵团战友洛依班克斯合呛) (提供)
11.Gangsta's Delight(黑帮之光) (提供)
12.I Got Swag(我的本钱) (提供)
13.Baby By Me(feat. Ne-Yo)(在我身边 创作金童尼欧帮腔首波主打)
14.Do You Think About Me(想想我)
15.Ok, You're Right(你说的对) (提供)
16.Could've Been You(feat. R. Kelly)(后悔莫及 情色大师劳凯利助唱) (提供)
War Angel LP (Mixtape) 英文
1.Better Come On Your A Game
2.I Line Niggas
3.Talking In Codes
4.Redrum (Murder)
5.C.R.E.A.M. 2009
6.I'll Do Anything
7.London Girl
8.Get The Message
10.I Gotta Win
Forever King (Mixtape) 英文
1.I'm Paranoid
2.Respect It Or Check It
3.Suicide Watch
4.Things We Do
5.Get The Money
6.Funny How Time Flies
7.If U Leaving, Then Leave...
9.Michael Jackson Freestyle
10.London Girl Pt. 2
11.Touch Me
12.Put That Work In
Do You Think About Me (Single) 英文
1.Do You Think About Me (Single)
Curtis 英文
2.My Gun Go Off
3.Man Down(Censored)
4.I'll Still Kill
5.I Get Money
6.Come & Go
7.Ayo Technology
8.Follow My Lead
9.Movin On Up
10.Straight To The Bank
11.Amusement Park
12.Fully Loaded Clip
13.Peep Show
15.All Of Me
16.Curtis 187
17.Touch The Sky
Freestyle B4 Paystyle 英文
1.Round Here
50 Cent Is The Future 英文
2.Call Me
The Massacre 英文
2.In My Hood
3.This Is 50
4.I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
5.Piggy Bank
6.Gatman And Robbin
7.Candy Shop
8.Outta Control
9.Candy Shop
10.Ski Mask Way
11.A Baltimore Love Thing
12.Ryder Music
13.Disco Inferno
14.Just A Lil' Bit
15.Gunz Come Out
16.My Toy Soldier
17.Position Of Power
18.Build You Up
19.God Gave Me Style
20.So Amazing
21.I Don't Need 'Em
22.Hate It Or Love It(G-Unit Remix)
The New Breed 英文
1.8 Mile Road(G-Unit Remix)
2.In Da Club
3.In Da Hood
4.Round Here
5.True Loyalty
Get Rich Or Die Tryin 英文
2.What Up Gangsta
3.Patiently Waiting
4.Many Men(Wish Death)
5.In Da Club
6.High All The Time
8.If I Can't
9.Blood Hound
10.Back Down
12.Like My Style
13.Poor Lil' Rich
14.21 Questions
15.Don't Push Me
16.Gotta Make It To Heaven
17.U Not Like Me
18.Life's On The Line
Guess Who's Back 英文
1.Rotten Apple
2.That's What's Up
3.U Not Like Me
4.Life's On The Line
5.Get Out The Club
6.Be A Gentleman
7.Fuck You
8.Ghetto Qua Ran
9.As The World Turns
10.Whoo Kid Freestyle
No Mercy No Fear 英文
1.MTV Intro (提供)
2.Green Lantern
4.Fat Bitch
5.Banks Victory
6.Back Seat/Tony Yayo
7.After My Chedda
10.G-Unit Skit
11.Say What You Want
12.Clue Shit!
13.Funk Flex
14.Whoo Kid
15.Scarlet Skit
16.PT2. & Bump Heads
19.Star & Buc Outro
50 Cent Is The Future[With G-Unit] 英文
1.U Should Be Here
2.Bump Dat Street Mix
3.Banks Workout
4.Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!
5.Just Fuckin' Around
6.G-Unit Soldiers
7.Got Me A Bottle
8.Tony Yayo Explosion
9.Clue / 50
10.Cutmaster C Shit
11.Surrounded By Hoes
12.G-Unit That's What's Up
13.Bad News
14.I Smell Pussy
Power Of The Dollar 英文
1.As The World Turns
2.Corner Bodega
3.Da Repercussions
4.Ghetto Quran
5.Gun Runners
6.How To Rob An Industry Nigga
7.I'm A Hustler
8.Life's On The Line
9.Make Money By Any Means
10.Material Girl 2000
11.Power Of The Dollar
12.Slow Dough
13.That Ain't Gangsta
14.The Good Die Young
15.Thug Love
16.You Ain't No Gangsta
This is 50 英文
1.The Mechanic
3.Rider Part 2
4.Bottom Girl
5.Party Ain't Over
7.Officer Down (unreleased dirty version)
8.We on Some Shit
9.I Get Money (remix)
The Street Election [Politics As Usual] 英文
1.Get Up (Before I Self Destruct 12/9!!)
2.All I Wanna Do
3.Get My Gun
4.Be A Gentleman
The Lost Tapes 英文
1.50 Cent Lost Tapes (提供)
3.Stay On The Grind (提供)
4.Doo Wop Symphony (Freestyle)
5.Blvd Of Broken Dreams (提供)
6.The Repercussions
7.Piece By Piece (提供)
8.That Aint Gangsta
9.Down Remix (提供)
10.Money By Any Means
11.Thug Love Remix
12.Entourage Remix
13.In My Hood [Explicit]
14.This Is 50 [Explicit]
15.I'm Supposed To Die Tonight [Explicit]
16.Piggy Bank [Explicit]
17.GATman And Robbin [Explicit]
18.Candy Shop [Explicit]
19.Outta Control [Explicit]
20.Get In My Car [Explicit]
21.A Baltimore Love Thing [Explicit]
22.Ryder Music [Explicit]
23.Disco Inferno [Explicit]
24.Just A Lil Bit [Explicit]
25.My Toy Soldier [Explicit]
26.Position Of Power [Explicit]
27.God Gave Me Style [Explicit]
28.Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix) [Explicit]
29.Intro/ 50 Cent/ The Massacre [Explicit]
30.Ski Mask Way [Explicit]
31.Build You Up [Explicit]
32.So Amazing [Explicit]
The Lost Tape 英文
1.You a Killer? Cool
3.Can't Help Myself
4.Swag Level
5.All His Love
The Death of All My Enemies: The Best of 50 Cent's Diss Records 英文
1.Funeral Music (Dissin Cam'ron)
2.You So Tough (Dissin T.I.)
3.Part Time Lover (Dissin Lil Wayne)
4.Tia Told Me (Dissin Rick Ross)
5.Stop Crying (Dissin Young Buck, The Game)
6.The Bomb (Dissin Diddy)
7.So Disrespectful (Dissin Jay Z, Game, Young Buck)
8.Piggy Bank (Dissin Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Shyne, Nas)
9.Officer Ricky (Dissin Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne)
10.Life's on the Line (Dissin Ja Rule)
11.I'm Not Rich and Still Lying (Dissin The Game)
The City Is Mine 英文
1.I Get It In (Engineerz remix)
2.Try Me (Rick Ross Diss)
3.Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth
4.Fully Load Clip
5.Play This on the Radio
6.Fully Loaded Clip (remix)
7.Crack a Bottle
Sleek Audio 英文
1.Let's Get It In
2.Altered Ego
3.Buzzin Remix
4.All His Love
Return Of The Bad Guy 英文
1.Officer Ricky
2.Tia Told Me (Rick Ross Diss)
3.Say Hello To My Little Friend (My Buddy)
Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture Get Rich Or Die Tryin' 英文
1.Born Alone, Die Alone
2.Get Low
3.When Death Becomes You
4.You A Shooter
Hustler's Ambition 英文
1.Hustler's Ambition (edit)
2.In Da Club (Live Glasgow Version)
3.P.I.M.P. (Live Glasgow Version)
4.Hustler's Ambition
Headz Or Tailz [From The Club To The Telly] 英文
1.Just A Lil Bit (Prod. by Scott Storch)
2.Wanna Lick (Feat. Lil Kim)
3.Follow My Lead (Feat. Robin Thicke)
4.Feel Good (Feat. G-Unit)
5.Candy Shop (Feat. Olivia) (Prod. by Scott Storch)
6.Best Friend (Feat. Olivia)
7.So Amazing (Feat. Olivia)
8.All Of Me (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
9.21 Questions (Feat. Nate Dogg)
10.Close To Me (Feat. G-Unit)
11.Don't Want To Talk About It (Prod. by Timbaland)
12.Crack A Bottle (Feat. Eminem & Dr. Dre)(Prod. by Dr. Dre)
13.How We Do (Feat. The Game)
14.Work It (Remix)(Feat. Missy Elliot)(Prod. by Timbaland)
15.Fire (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger & Young Buck)(Screamixx)
16.Build You Up (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
17.I Get Money (Forbes 1-2-3 Remix)(Feat. Jay-Z & Diddy)
18.In The Club (Remix)(Feat. Diddy, Mary J. Blige & Beyonce)(Prod. by Dr. Dre)
19.Thug Love (Feat. Beyonce)
20.Ayo Technology (Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)
21.Disco Inferno
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Get Rich or Die Tryin'
2.Whoo Kid
3.Be a Gentleman
4.Many Men (Wish Death)
5.Disco Inferno
6.In da Club
7.Window Shopper
8.Hustler's Ambition
9.21 Questions
10.Just a Lil Bit
12.Hate It or Love It
13.Not Rich, Still Lyin'
14.Killa Tape
15.Places to Go
God's Plan 英文
1.Banks Workout Pt. 2
2.Catch Me In The Hood
3.Work It
5.Gangsta'd Up
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'- The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 英文
1.What If - Album Version (Edited)
2.Window Shopper - Album Version (Edited)
3.Talk About Me - Album Version (Edited)
4.When It Rains It Pours - Album Version (Edited)
Fifty The General 英文
1.Build You Up
2.Disco Inferno
3.Back Down
4.Westside Story
5.You Don't Know
6.Fire (remix)
7.Have A Party
8.How We Do (remix)
9.So Seductive
10.I Run New York
11.Outta Control (remix)
12.I Still Kill
13.Gangsta Shit
14.My Toy Soldier
15.Get Up
Don't Call It a Comeback, Volume 1 英文
1.Come Over Tonight
2.Happy New Year
3.SMS Get the Message
4.You Like Me Better Rich
5.All His Love
Brood or Change 英文
3.Bring Me the Head (of a Backstreet Boy)
4.Planet of Apes
5.Baby Lotion
6.Atomic Anti-Star
8.Learn to Spell
10.Great Turtle Alice
Best Friend 英文
1.Best Friend Remix
Before I Self-Destruct - The Selects 英文
1.So Disrespectful
2.Crime Wave
3.Then Days Went By
4.Hold Me Down
Audio Overdose 英文
1.Like a G6 (verse)
2.Buzzin' (verse)
3.Toot It and Boot It (verse)
Audio Link 英文
1.The Paper (I Get It)
2.Like a G6
5.Here We Go Again
6.Happy New Year 2011
7.When It All Goes Down
8.Sunday Morning
9.Ghetto Like a Motherfucker
10.All About Dough
12.Toot It & Boot It
13.All His Love
14.Run Up On Me
15.Mean Mug
After Curtis 英文
1.So Serious
24 Shots: Brand New Exclusive Material & Freestylers 英文
1.The Realest Niggaz
24 Shots 英文
1.Bad News
2.Follow Me Gangsta
3.C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle
4.Ecstasy/I Smell Pussy
5.Bump That Freestyle
6.Burn Freestyle
暂存5 英文
1.Cry Me a River
2.50′s My Favorite
3.Shady Murder
4.Love, Hate, Love
5.Street King Energy Track #7
6.Non Stop
8.Tia Told Me
9.Disco Inferno (DJ S edit)
10.Rowdy Rowdy (clean radio version)
11.Baby By Me (Instrumental)
12.Bullshit Party
13.187 Freestyle
15.Not Ready
16.Just a Touch
17.Robbery (Pt. 2)
18.I Warned You
19.Big Rich Town
20.Hustler Jake One
21.Who Shot Ya
22.Crazy (Freestyle)
23.I Get Money (Album Version)
24.Ayo Technology (Album Version)
25.Robbery 2
26.I Got Money (Paper Chaser)
27.50 Cent (intro)
28.Get Up (Edited Version)
29.Flight 187 (Bonus Track)
30.Wait Until Tonight (Edited Version)
31.Ayo Technology (Radio Edit)
32.Get Rich or Die Tryin (Movie Trailer)
33.Do You Think About Me (Edited)
34.Soldier (50 Cent & G-Unit Freestyle Version)
35.Window Shopper Remix
36.Just I Lil Bit
37.Do You Think About Me (Edited Version)
38.Hit You Up
39.Pimpin', Pt. 2
40.Im Not Rich & Still Lyin' (Dissin' the Game)
41.Chase You Outta Here
42.You Should Be Here
43.P.I.M.P., Part 2
44.Disco Inferno (Reggaeton remix)
45.Candy Shop (feat. Olivia)
46.Candy Shop (Andrew Luce remix)
47.Best Friend (Hi-Tek remix) (Promo Only clean edit)
48.If Dead Man Could Talk
49.Short Stay
50.Intro/ 50 Cent / The Massacre
51.I'm Supposed To Die Tonight - Album Version (Edited)
52.Movin On Up - Album Version (Edited)
53.Straight To The Bank - Album Version (Edited)
54.Curtis 187 - Album Version (Edited)
55.8 More Miles - Freestyle by 50 Cent and G Unit
56.Get It In
58.50 For President
59.In Da Club (Owns One!'s Elec-Intro Mix)
60.What Do You Got
62.In the Club
63.Collapse (Freestyle)
64.Guess Who's Back? (freestyle)
65.Order of Protection
66.Beg for Mercy
67.Get Busy
69.When I Pop the Trunk
70.Baby By Me - Album Version (Edited)
71.Baby By Me (Featuring Ne-Yo) - Digital Dog Club Remix
72.Baby by Me (single edit)
73.I Run N.Y.
74.So Seductive (Blend)
75.When You Hear That
76.I'll Whip Your Head Boy
77.Blood Hound - Album Version (Edited)
78.Mama Africa
79.I'm the Man (Remix)
80.I'm The Man (Remix) - feat. Chris Brown
81.The Realest Nigga
82.The Grind
83.Realest Niggaz
84.5 Heartbeats (Dissin Jadakiss, Nas, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Cam'ron)
85.Back Seat
86.Shot Ya (V.O.S. Remix)
87.Candy Shop - Album Version (Edited)
88.Best Friend - Album Version (Edited)
90.Enter Eminem
91.The Realist (clean)
92.We Both Think Alike - Album Version (Edited)
93.P.I.M.P. - Snoop Dogg Remix (Explicit)
94.Wanksta (Rev's version)
95.Oh No
96.Guns Come Out (LIVE In Los Angeles)
97.Hail Mary 03
98.Hail Mary
99.Don't Turn the Lights Off
暂存4 英文
1.Watch Yo Back
2.5 Heartbeats
4.I'm On It
5.300 Shots
6.Right Thurr Remix
7.Whoo Kid Kayslay SH'T!
8.Banks Workout, Part 2
9.The Enforcer
10.Girls Go Wild
12.Clap Those Things
13.Sexy lil
14.Magic Sticks
15.Hail Mary Remix
16.We Both Think Alike
17.Travertine Dell
18.Magic Stick
19.OK, You're Right
20.The Invitation
21.Get It Hot
22.Gangsta's Delight
23.I Got Swag
24.Could've Been You
25.Flight 187
26.Man's World
27.Baby By Me
28.Death To My Enemies
31.Strong Enough
32.Baby by Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
33.Man Down
34.Smile (I'm Leavin')
35.I Get Money (Forbes 1,2,3 Remix)
36.In da Club (Instrumental) (提供)
37.Soldier (Freestyle)
38.My Buddy
39.50 Bars
40.Drop (skit)
41.Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)
42.Corner Bodega (Coke Spot)
43.Your Life's on the Line
44.Material Girl
45.Ghetto Quran (Forgive Me)
46.Get In My Car
47.Get in My Car
48.Intro - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
49.In Da Club - Live Lounge
50.In Da Club - Single Version
51.Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) - Album Version (Edited)
52.Baby By Me - iTunes Bonus Track
53.Man's World - iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Track
54.The Invitation - Album Version (Edited)
55.Do You Think About Me - Album Version (Edited)
56.Get It Hot - Album Version (Edited)
57.Hold Me Down - Album Version (Edited)
58.So Disrespectful - Album Version (Edited)
59.Death To My Enemies - Album Version (Edited)
60.Then Days Went By - Album Version (Edited)
61.OK, You're Right - Album Version (Edited)
62.Amusement Park - Album Version (Edited)
63.In My Hood - Album Version (Edited)
64.God Gave Me Style - Album Version (Edited)
65.Position Of Power - Album Version (Edited)
66.Just A Lil Bit - Album Version (Edited)
67.Disco Inferno - Album Version (Edited)
68.Ryder Music - Album Version (Edited)
69.A Baltimore Love Thing - Album Version (Edited)
70.Piggy Bank - Album Version (Edited)
71.I Don't Need 'Em - Album Version (Edited)
72.Intro - 50 Cent / Get Rich Or Die Tryin
73.Lifes On The Line - Album Version (Edited)
74.U Not Like Me - Album Version (Edited)
75.Gotta Make It To Heaven - Album Version (Edited)
76.Back Down - Album Version (Edited)
77.If I Can't - Album Version (Edited)
78.High All The Time - Album Version (Edited)
79.Many Men (Wish Death) - Album Version (Edited)
80.What Up Gangsta - Album Version (Edited)
81.Places To Go - Soundtrack Version (Edit)
82.Places To Go - Soundtrack Version
83.I Get It In - Edited Version
84.Straight To The Bank - Edited Version
85.Hustler's Ambition - Album Version (Edited)
86.Hustler's Ambition (Edited Version)
87.Wanksta - Soundtrack Version (Explicit)
88.In da Club (dirty)
89.11 Ya Life's On The Line
90.Ya Life's On the Line
91.Too Rich For The B*tch
92.Nigga I'll Hurt You
93.Drama Never Ends
94.5 Senses
95.New Day (Feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys)
96.In da Club (WoodysProduce 2005 remix)
97.6 Out Of 6 (Get Gully)
98.When I Come Back
99.Old 2003 Ferrari
暂存3 英文
1.Patiently Waiting Ft. Eminem
3.Never Enough
4.Guns Come Out
5.Come and Go
6.21 Questions feat.NATE Dogg
7.Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix) (Featuring The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck & Lloyd Banks)
8.50 Shot Ya'
10.50 Cent - Many Men
11.'Til I Collapse Freestyle
12.Shot Down
14.Wanksta Remix (Dirty)
15.Magic Stick Ft. Lil' Kim
16.Things Change
17.I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
18.I Don't Know Officer
19.Just A Little Bit
20.Like My Style (Featuring Tony Yayo)
21.Disco Inferno/Album Version (Explicit)
22.Hustla's Ambition
23.How to Rob
24.When It Rains It Pours
25.Candy Shop (Featuring Olivia)
26.My Toy Soldier (Featuring Tony Yayo)
27.Build You Up (Featuring Jamie Foxx)
28.Eye For Eye
29.God Gave Me Style (Produced By Needlz)
30.Don't Push Me (feat. Lloyd Banks of G Unit & Eminem)
31.Blood Hound (feat. Young Buck of G Unit)
32.Teach U How To Stunt
33.The Realest Niggaz Featuring Biggie & Eminem
35.I Get It In
36.Dont Push Me (Featuring Eminem, Lloyd Banks)
37.Too Hot Ft. NaS And Nature
38.P.I.M.P. (Snoop Dogg Remix)
39.Soldier (Remix)
40.Disco Infern
41.Best Friend
42.Bitch Get In My Car
44.Life is on the line
45.Gunz For Sale
46.True Loyalty Featuring Lloyd Banks/Tony Yayo
47.Patiently Waiting (feat. Eminem) (提供)
48.Don't Need'Em
49.Hate It Or Love It Remix
50.Wanna Get To Know You
51.G'd Up
52.Gatman And Robin(Ft. Eminem)
53.I Smell Pussy (Ja Rule Diss)
54.What Up Gansta
55.Candy Shop/Album Version (Explicit)
56.Gotta Make It Heaven
57.I'm So Hood
58.Patiently Waiting (Featuring Em)
59.21 Questions (Featuring Nate Dogg)
60.In Da club(It's Your Birthday)
61.Out Of Control
62.You Already Know
63.50 Cent-Just a little bit
64.Realest Killaz Featuring 2 Pac
65.In Tha Club
66.Wanksta (Soundtrack Version)
67.21 Questions (Featuring Nate D
68.Sandbox Interlude
69.Don't Wanna Talk About It
70.That's What's Up (Feat: G Unit)
71.Hard Rock [feat. Ester Dean]
72.Angels Around Me
73.Funeral Music
74.Still Will
75.Say What U Want
76.My Downfall
77.) In Da Club
78.Mind Sex
79.Paper Chaser
80.Many Men (Green Mix)
83.Ghetto Qua'ran
84.The Banks Workout
86.Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) [Edited]
87.LL Remix
88.A Lil' Bit of Everything UTP
89.Gun Runner
90.We Don't Give A Fuck
91.So Amazing(Featuring Olivia)
92.Right Thurr
93.8 More Miles
94.Hip-Hop (Dissin' Diddy)
95.Hit Em Up
96.Part Time Lover
98.Minds Playing Tricks
暂存2 英文
1.I Smell Pussy'(feat. G-Unit
2.Elementry'(feat. G-Unit, Scarlett
3.Fat Bitch'(feat. G-Unit
4.Soldier'(feat. G-Unit
5.Banks Victory'(feat. Lloyd Banks
6.Back Seat / Tony Yayo'(feat. Tony Yayo (G-Unit)
7.Say What You Want'(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo
8.U Not Like Me (Bonus)
9.PT2. & Bump Heads'(feat. G-Unit
10.Patiently Waiting' (feat. Eminemm)
11.Many Men (Wish Death)'(feat. Lloyd Banks
12.Blood Hound'(feat. Young Buck (G-Unit)
13.Like My Style'(feat. Tony Yayo (G-Unit)
14.They Burn Me
15.Don't Push Me'(feat. Lloyd Banks, Eminem
16.True Loyalty'(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo
17.In Da Hood'(feat. Brooklyn
18.P.I.M.P. (Remix)'(feat. Snoop Dogg
19.P.I.M.P. (G-Unit Remix)
20.The Realest Killaz'(feat. 2pac, Snoop Dogg
21.Through The Window
22.To All My Niggas (Remix)'(feat. Eminem, Notorious B.I.G.
23.Follow Me Gangster'(feat. G-Unit
24.To All My Niggas'(feat. Notorious B.I.G.
25.Wanksta (Remix)'(feat. Flipmode Squad (提供)
26.Fuck Dat Bitch'(feat. Dave Hollister
27.What If
29.P.I.M.P. Remix
30.Candy Shop (remix)
31.Talk About Me
32.Too Hot (Feat: Nas & Nature)
33.Busta Rhymes
34.We All Die One Day Ft Eminem, Obie Trice, G-Unit
37.Hand Up High
38.My Guns Go Off
39.Officer Down
40.She Wants It
41.Thug Poet
42.Still Will Kill (提供)
43.Stunt 101
44.I Got Hoes
45.I'm All Turnt Up (Freestyle)
46.Funeral Music (Cam'ron Diss)
47.Baby If You Get On Your Knees
48.Bitch What U Know About
49.Bring It All To Me
50.Can't Leave 'Em Alone
51.Close Your Eyes Outro
52.Dipset Anthem Freestyle
53.Don't Eva Fuck Wit Niggas
54.Funeral Music (Krispy Bklyn 2128)
55.Get Down
56.Get High All The Time
57.Get That Money
58.Hate It Or Love It (R&B Remix)
59.I Am A Scary Black Gangsta
60.I'm Like God To You Niggas
61.I'ma Bad Nigga
62.In Da Club Remix
63.In Da Club (Satellite Exclusive Remix)
64.Maybe we crazy
66.Overnight Celebrity Freestyle
67.P.I.M.P. (Extended Remix)
68.Paper Chaser (Game Diss)
70.Problem Child
71.Southside (Overnight Celebrity)
72.Spongebob's In Da Club (Parody)
73.The Longer Kiss Goodnight
74.Ski Mask Way (Produced By Disco D)
75.Till I collapse Remix
76.Time To Shine
77.Tired Of Being Broke
78.Turn Over
79.Victory 2004 (Album Version)
80.Wanna Get To Know Ya
81.We Gonna Hit Yo Ass Up
82.Y'all Niggaz Ain't Fuckin Wit Us
85.G-Unit Anthem
86.G-Unit The Gang
87.Grew Up
89.Liar Liar
90.Puppy Love
暂存1 英文
1.West Side Story
2.How We Do
3.This Is How We Do
5.Love Me
6.Work It (Remix)
7.Rap Game
8.Fuck You
9.Not Like Me
10.Tony Yayo Explosion'(feat. Tony Yayo
11.Whoo Kid Freestyle'(feat. G-Unit (uncredited)
12.Doo Wop Freestyle
13.Who U Rep With'(feat. Bravehearts, Nas
14.Too Hot'(feat. Nas, Nature
15.You Heard Me
17.Ghetto Qu Ran (Forgive Me Pt. 1)
18.That's What's Up'(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo
19.I'm A Hustler
20.That Ain't Gangsta
21.The Good Die Young
22.You Ain't No Gangsta
23.How To Rob'(feat. The Madd Rapper
24.G-Unit Soliders
25.Many Men
26.That's What's Up
27.Thug Love'(feat. Destiny's Child
28.Make Money By Any Means'(feat. Noreaga
29.You Should Be Dead
30.Banks Victory
31.Fuck Dat Bitch
32.SMS Get The Message
33.Rowdy Rowdy
34.Realest Killaz
35.Till I Collapse Freestyle
36.Say What You Want
37.Wanksta (Remix)
38.The Hit
40.21 Questions Remix
41.True Loyalty
42.In da Hood
43.Cutmaster C Shit
44.Don't Push Me (feat. Lloyd Banks & Eminem)
45.Just Fuckin' Around
46.Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit
47.Fat Bitches (Freestyle)
48.I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix)
50.If Dead Men Could Talk
51.Just Fuckin' Around (Mase Freestyle)
52.Killa Tape Intro
53.Life's on the Line (Nobody Likes Me)
54.Luv Me
55.Get Rich Or Die Tryin
56.Who U Rep With
57.Nobody Likes Me
58.Poor Lil Rich Nigga
59.PT2 & Bump Heads
61.All His Love
62.Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
63.Power Of The Dollar
64.Thicker Than Water
65.To All My Niggas
66.Too Hot
67.U Should Be Here
68.Who U Rep Wit
69.Follow Me Gangster
暂存 英文
2.Out Off Control
3.Girl Gimme Yo Number
4.Gimme Your Number

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