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De La Soul


De La Soul


作词:Louis Freese, David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason, Kelvin Mercer, James Yancey

I am Trugoy
A Dove-like boy
Could wingspread but instead
I will employ

Me the, Plug Three
Or Baby Huey
I eat up all ketchup
For its tendency

I am Plug One
I'm 19 years young
I love peace, well at least
I think we need some

I'm Q-Tip, y'all 3 Feet
Produced by Prince Paul
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This session was lessoned
By one Qualiall

I am Granny
Thank discoriety
The 3, 4, yo, no more
I need peace for me

I'm China, I'm Jette
The Cue Cards we inject
We're crazy for Daisies
When we're on the set

Will rise, not fall
Definition, Prince Paul
Our Mentor, don't be sore
When I say that's all


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