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De La Soul

Can U Keep A Secret

作词:Paul Huston, David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason, Kelvin Mercer

Ahh yeah, ah, ah, ah

Prince Paul likes Buddy
Posdnuos likes Buddy
Trugoy likes Buddy
Mase likes Buddy
Wouldn't you like to Buddy too? Ooh

Prince Paul needs a haircut
Mase needs a haircut
Posdnuos needs a haircut
Trugoy, would you please give us a haircut?

Prince Paul needs a luuden
Trugoy needs a luuden
Posdnuos needs a luuden
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Mase needs a luuden
Everybody I want to just get a luuden

Paul has dandruff
Posdnuos has a lot of dandruff
Mase has big fat dandruff
Trugoy has dandruff
Everybody in the world, you have dandruff

Dante is a scrubb
Dante is a scrubb
Dante is a scrubb

And ya not gettin' the haircut either


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