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Mary J. Blige


Mary J. Blige


Now you're near
In my life
Oh my dear

Come to me
Now I have-
Someone watching over me

All my days and nights so lonely
'Til you came into my life
You came and brought my life back to me
Cause I was dying deep inside

You brought the light
And my life was so dark
You took the fight
And you made it your own
I realy love you
No other love can measure up
To the love that you give to me
And with all this love comes trust

You're so...


I opened up my arms to greet you
With unconditional love
Tender sweet is he that helps me
Leave my problems all behind

(Baby come to me)
Baby come to me. You know that I will set you free
(Promise it will be)
Promise it will be an expirience for you and me
(Something beautiful)
Let me take you to a place where there is understanding
Where love flows unselfishly and never ever demanding

(So beautiful...)
So beautiful
(...Since you came into my life)
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(Chorus) 2x's
During Chorus:
Now you'r near
In my life
All my fears
Beautiful, Beautiful, yeahh
Come to me
Someone's watching over me
Someone's watching over me
Someone's watching over me
Come to me
Someone's watching o... ver me

(Since you came into my life)

Ooohhh, so beautiful
(If I had a dream, it ould be... so beautiful)
I wanna say... that I love you
Oh, the love you give
All the love you give to me
All my days and nights so lonely
And it's so, soooo beautiful
But now I have a friend that I can talk to, yeah
(If I had a dream, it would be... so beautiful)

You're so beautiful


You're so beautiful
You are so beautiful
You're so beautiful
You are so beautiful

You're the only love I know
You're the only love I know
You're the reason why I live
You're the reason why I wanna give you everything
(Since you came into my life) Repeat 3x's


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