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Modern Talking


Modern Talking

Ten Thousand Lonely Dreams

You're breaking my paradise
Hearing an echo cry
Don't be fool for stealing hearts
Dreamland at your fate
You never find your way
Don't be fool for tears of love
All precious memories, you had through the years
All they are passing one by one
You kill the memories
Wave off the pain and tears
Baby, together we are strong

10000 lonely drums
Are playing in my heart
10000 drums of dreaming fell apart
10000 drums are playing just for you
10000 drums are saying I'm missing you

Oh, my drums
They're playing in your mind
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Thinking of endless lovers
Some too hard
Oh my drums
I never let you go
They give the mimbick of a lonely drum

Like a hero will smile again
If you will play this game
Don't be a thief for stealin' hearts
Like all the thousend smiles
It takes a little while
Don't be fool for tears I love
Welcome to paradise
If you will realise
Then passing one by one
You kill the memories
Wave off the pain and fears
Baby, together we are strong


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