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Modern Talking


Modern Talking

Riding On The White Swan

Secret message - for a rendez-vous
Distant fire - It's hurting you
It's so sad
Your good love go back
Tears of love will make me sad
Frozen teardropps
Running with the night
Sorry doesn't always make it right
Tears of love, tears in my heart
Why did love just break apart, break apart ?

I'm riding on a white swan
I need your heart tonight
I'm riding through a hard storm
Don't treat me like a child

I'm riding on the white swan
I've got that what you need
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I'm riding on the white swan
You've got the best of me

On the wings of a nightingale
Playing games
Your love for sale
Then my girl belongs to yesterday
No return
Don't lose your way
It's more than just
The two of us
Heart is open
Come on, trust
Love I gave for your mystic smile
Should I go ?
Or stay a while, stay a while


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