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Water Shows The Hidden Heart(水影心事)

作词:Enya、Roma Ryan
作曲:Enya、Roma Ryan
编曲:Enya、Nicky Ryan

From the City of Constellations
To the wanderer
And a Place of Rains
He journeys on...
...The City of hesitation and doubt
The Island of the house of the colour of the sea
The Plain of Mementoes
He journeys on to find his love...
...The Valley of lost time
The City of End and Endlessness
The Isle of Revenents
He journeys on...
...The City of Solitudes
The City of the distance from you
The City of Words of blue
And yellow and red and green
He journeys on to find his love...

...Where the road takes him through
The City of Sleep
The thinking that does not end is within him
Then he dreams
The road takes him
This man who is searching
It brings him
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In silence through the night

Where the Cities that do not Exist, exist
It brings him
In silence through the night
Close to the City of Realisations;
It is here one finds the way...
...Mount Orison
The City of Days
The Tree of the lost
He journeys on...
...North of his love
A road through a valley of darkness
The islands that are not of this world
He journeys on to find his love...

It is a long way through darkness
To the way of the eremite
The eremite sings of the world and of
The journey of love, which is not lost in eternity
...The Valley where the moon is caught in the trees
Water shows the hidden heart
Endlong into midnight
He journeys on...
...The parable of day
The Room of Books
Where the winds come to him and say...


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