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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Enya极致典藏 跨世纪精选(The Very Best Of Enya)My ! My ! Time Flies !(时光飞逝如梭)




My ! My ! Time Flies !(时光飞逝如梭)

作词:Roma Ryan

My! My! Time flies!
One step and we're on the moon,
next step into the stars.
My! My! Time flies!
Maybe we could be there soon,
a one-way ticket to Mars.

My! My! Time flies!
A man underneath a tree,
an apple falls on his head.
My! My! Time flies!
A man wrote a symphony, it's 1812.

My! My! Time flies!
Four guys across Abbey Road,
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one forgot to wear shoes.
My! My! Time flies!
A rap on a rhapsody,
a king who's still in the news,
a king to sing you the blues.

My! My! Time flies!
a man in a winter sleigh,
white, white, white as the snow.
My! My! Time flies!
A new day is on its way,
so let's let yesterday go.
Could be we step out again,
could be tomorrow, but then,
could be 2010.


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