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Here we are , feeling oh so small
Drink the cup , now there's nothing left at all
Lying to ourselves till winter's came around
Now we've landed back on the ground
Breaking up , used to be a game
'Cos making up , felt like heaven when it came
Then we cut too deep and couldn't heel the pain
Now we all alone in the rain
Everyone , needs a hand to hold
Remember me , when your nights are getting cold
Funny how a love so strong came to an end
Oh funny how you lose a friend
* Sayonara , Sayonara , Sayonara
( 1 ) Take a look at the sky it's time for me to go
We can never stay together , no use to try
Turn around and let me say goodbye
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( 2 ) Take a look at the sky and the rain's coming down
Loneliness , is a sad affair   I look around , and I see you everywhere
I reach out in the darkneww but I always find
That you're not there but still on my mind
The morning mist , drifting through the dawn
Takes me back , to a time already gone
Whisper coversations when I made you smile
Oh crying was never your style   Repeat * ( 2 )
We stayed too long at the picture show
Love is gone , now it's time for us to go
The curtain's coming down too fast on you and I
Now all we have to say is goodbye
All we have to say is goodbye   Repeat * ( 2 )


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