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Chris Page【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 43 首歌 】
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Volume Vs. Voice 英文
1.Rocket + Savings
2.Calling All Kids Reunion
3.Hunker Down
4.Chaise Lounge
5.Treatment Burns
6.My Focal Point
7.SOS for Sonny Rey
8.The Persuasive Injury
9.Disappointed a Few People
10.Time to Dispel
Medicinal (EP) 英文
1.Macrogol (提供)
2.Macrogol (Ad.lib Remix) (提供)
3.Sentiant (提供)
4.Eleventh District (提供)
Genuine Faux (EP) 英文
1.Copper Pipe (提供)
2.Copper Pipe (Thomas Hessler Remix) (提供)
3.Four Thousand Suns (提供)
4.Shunt (提供)
A Date with a Smoke Machine 英文
1.Patio to Stereo (提供)
2.Slideshows (提供)
3.Two Twenty Twos (提供)
4.Summertime Out (提供)
5.Quit While I'm Behind (提供)
6.Coax the Ending Day (提供)
7.Hello, Danger Bay (提供)
8.Closets Overflowing (提供)
9.Fall Back Morning (提供)
10.Keep Me On Your Radar (提供)
11.Awfulizing (提供)
12.Unwind, Unwind (提供)
Decide to Stay and Swim 英文
1.Mostly Stellar, Gunning Strong (提供)
2.The Disaster Drop (提供)
3.A.V. in the Sunshine Man (提供)
4.She Floats Like Dizzy Sunshine (提供)
5.Whisper Astrologics (提供)
6.A Makeshift Marvel (提供)
7.The Sympathetic Slur (提供)
8.What Makes You Think You're the One? (提供)
9.One Projectile From the Sun (提供)
10.Killing Time in the Doubt Department (提供)
11.Sleeves Cover Sores (提供)
12.The Dead Weight Song (提供)
13.Hidden Track (提供)

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