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【 Volume Vs. Voice 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

1.Rocket + Savings
2.Calling All Kids Reunion
3.Hunker Down
4.Chaise Lounge
5.Treatment Burns
6.My Focal Point
7.SOS for Sonny Rey
8.The Persuasive Injury
9.Disappointed a Few People
10.Time to Dispel

1.Rocket + Savings (修改)

When I buy a rocket with my own savings
Take it to the river the first sign of Spring
Shoot it for the stars and hang out where the space junk flies

Can I hoist the moment in a world we trust
Thank our lucky stars until our engine's rust
Capturing the moment until I can barely see

No one is so sure about this stage in life
All I try to do is make it home alive
Counting on the hopes and the prayers
You may want to drive

Can I fix your motor if I swear I'll sing
And shower all around you with these promise rings
Listening for the sun as it dips beyond our range

2.Calling All Kids Reunion (修改)

Keep your antenna up
With any luck, we'll kill off this farewell
One ticket for the train
Enduring pain and one room cheap hotels
My hair is almost dry
Without a lie, I can barely see
I never use a comb
Its left alone but I'll let you cut it for me
You promised me you'd stay
For the pleasure bike rides to the art cafes
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And I'm following a reunion

Oh countless needs escape
You coughed and started to hallucinate
And I'm following a reunion
If you keep your radar up
With any luck
We'll kill off this farewell.

3.Hunker Down (修改)

Daylight seemed so simple
When it came back to me
The prospect didn't phase me
So I fell back asleep
Though the whole wide world is here with me

You looked rather smashing
When you leaned in to kiss my cheek
I captured all those memories
Though the vision's incomplete
And the whole wide world agrees with me

And I ache to have you closer
Like a promise made to order
As I shield myself from exposure

4.Chaise Lounge (修改)

Speak to the man tell him that I'm worried and I'm tired
He'll understand I'm sick of being young and uninspired
But I won't back down off this old chaise lounge
To retire
Speak to the kid tell him that there's merit in being wasted
It was bad what we did
Gave up on a dream before we chased it
I've got false hope now
So I should show you how

To hide your smile
Before it's broken
I won't lie
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If you don't notice
Take your time
Don't lose your focus

Speak to the man
Tell him that the medicine expired
He'll play his hand
To stay forever young was what transpired
Well I won't back down
Off this old chaise lounge

5.Treatment Burns (修改)

The city's claimed our hands
To guide us as the light dies
So hold me where we land
On concrete under night sky

The ghosts that dragged you home
On Magnetic Fields fireflies
A favourite of our friends
Who power through these lullabies

6.My Focal Point (修改)

Don't leave me here
Don't sell me short
My focal point

Take my temperature
If you've found a cure
To harness all this noise

Sit alone by the radio crackle
Tuned in to our song
The frequency leaves a hole in the dial
If you're already gone
Like a flash in the pan you held my hand

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Lend me power tubes
And let me work this through
Volume versus voice

It's just you and me
With zero guarantee
My focal point

Stop by, say hey
If you've lost your way
My focal point.

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7.SOS for Sonny Rey (修改)

I hate to see you go
Bring you down from the mountain
Before it snows
Rescue effort underway alone
From a cozy room and disconnected phone

I know the paint is worn
Newer windows stabbed in walls
Won't keep you warm
I can almost hear you calling out
From that shoreline
Where we both waste the coolest time

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The promise bulbs in the ground
In the springtime we'll light fires
And release your sound
But for now neglect just flows
And I don't ever need to know
I hate to see you go.

And though we hate to see you go
Who will get you to the show?

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8.The Persuasive Injury (修改)

Save me from going down to the water
Cause I can't tell if I should stay
On this hill a little longer

You wade and I'll sink a little farther
Let the sun kiss your face
As I learn to tread water

9.Disappointed a Few People (修改)

Will you ever have a worry?
Will you ever live a lie?
Will you ever drown in comfort
Under long lost rural skies?

Her face lit up to tell a story
Around the time the Reverend died
We had camped out by the river
Under long lost rural skies

But now they're gone
Victory laps withdrawn
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And disappointment lingers on

If I told you that I loved you
Would you take that to the bank?
In the mows they've loved that story
But there's no one left up there to thank

Because now they're gone
Victory laps withdrawn
The disappointment lingers on

10.Time to Dispel (修改)

When I asked you 'Would you dance to this?'
I might have come a bit unglued
Or did you notice?
That I fade through the swells
The drummer dumped on us.

If it offends you, let's try a cigarette
I hoped to share the evening moon
But now I'm over it
As we cave to the sound
When the music stumbled in.

Forget I asked you if you would dance to this
Because when I framed
It was no accident
So it's time to dispel
Yeah it's time to dispel