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Tenderly 英文
1.Only Trust Your Heart
3.The Very Thought of You
4.Embraceable You
5.There Will Never Be Another You
7.No Moon at All
8.If I'm Lucky
9.Agarradinhos (提供)
10.In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
11.That's All
12.If I Had You
The Changing Lights 英文
1.This Happy Madness (提供)
2.Chanson légère (提供)
3.A tarde (提供)
4.The Face I Love (提供)
5.Like a Lover (提供)
6.O Bêbado e a Equilibrista / Smile (提供)
7.How Insensitive (提供)
8.The Changing Lights (提供)
9.O Barquinho (提供)
10.Waiter, Oh Waiter
11.Mais uma Vez (提供)
12.One Note Samba (Samba de uma Nota So)
13.The Summer We Crossed Europe In the Rain (提供)
14.Le premier bonheur du jour (提供)
Candid Moments 英文
1.What the World Needs Now Is Love (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
2.Hushabye Mountain (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
3.You've Got a Friend (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
4.Too Darn Hot (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
5.Isn't This a Lovely Day (feat. Simon Thorpe & Steve Brown) (提供)
6.The Best Is yet to Come (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
7.I've Got a Crush on You (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
8.The Boy Next Door (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
9.Close Your Eyes (feat. Andrew de Jong Cleyndert & Steve Brown) (提供)
10.Dreamsville (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
11.They Can't Take That Away from Me (feat. Simon Thorpe & Steve Brown) (提供)
12.East of the Sun (feat. Dave Green & Jeff Hamilton) (提供)
13.Under a Blanket of Blue (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
14.You Are There (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
15.Say It Isn't So (feat. Dave Chamberlain & Matt Home) (提供)
16.Little Girl Blue (feat. Simon Thorpe & Jasper Kviberg) (提供)
漫游幸福 现场专辑(Dreamer In Concert) 英文
1.It Might As Well Be Spring(春来了)
2.Ces Petits Riens(幸福琐事)
3.Postcard Lovers(幸福寄情) (提供)
4.If I Were A Bell(假如我是铃铛)
6.Waters Of March(三月小雨)
7.The Best Is Yet To Come(好戏登场)
8.O Comboio(火车) (提供)
9.Dreamer(梦想家) (提供)
10.Breakfast On The Morning Tram(忘情列车)
11.They Can't Take That Away From Me(他们拿不走的)
12.Samba Saravah(幸福森巴)
13.Jardin D'hiver(冬日花园)
Hushabye Mountain 英文
1.Too Darn Hot
2.All I Do Is Dream Of You
3.Say It Isn't So
4.Thou Swell
5.It Might As Well Be Spring
6.My Heart Stood Still
7.Polka Dots And Moonbeams
8.Close Your Eyes
9.Hushabye Mountain*
10.Under A Blanket Of Blue*
听见‧幸福(Raconte-Moi...) 英文
1.Les Eaux De Mars(三月小雨)
2.Jardin D'Hiver(冬天的花园)
4.L'Etang(池塘) (提供)
5.La Venus Du Melo(通俗剧的维纳斯) (提供)
6.Au Coin Du Monde(世界一隅)
7.C'est Le Printemps(春来了) (提供)
8.Sait On Jamais?(怎知道?)
9.Les Vacances(假期)
10.Mi Amor(我的爱) (提供)
11.Le Mal De Vivre(活着的苦痛)
12.Desuets(褪流行) (提供)
早安.幸福(Breakfast On The Morning Tram) 英文
1.The Ice Hotel
3.Ces Petits Riens
4.I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again
5.So Many Stars
6.Samba Saravah
7.Breakfast On The Morning Tram
8.Never Let Me Go
9.So Romantic
10.Hard Hearted Hannah
11.La Saison Des Pluies
12.What A Wonderful World
13.The Ice Hotel(Live)
Dreamsville 英文
1.I've Got A Crush On You
2.When Your Lover Has Gone
3.Isn't It A Pity?
4.You Are There
5.Under A Blanket Of Blue
7.Polka Dots & Moonbeams
8.Hushabye Mountain
9.Little Girl Blue
10.You're Looking At Me
11.Violets For Your Furs
12.Thanks For The Memory
Let Yourself Go[Celebrating Fred Astaire] 英文
1.Let Yourself Go
2.They Can't Take That Away From Me
3.I Won't Dance
4.Isn't This A Lovely Day(To Be Caught In The Rain)
5.They All Laughed
6.He Loves And She Loves
7.Shall We Dance?
8.One For My Baby(And One More For The Road)
9.'s Wonderful
10.A Fine Romance
11.I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
12.I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
13.By Myself
Stacey Kent Collection 英文
1.Isn't This a Lovely Day
2.They Say It's Wonderful
3.Under a Blanket of Blue
4.East of the Sun
5.All Too Soon
6.In the Still of the Night
Dreamer in Concert 英文
1.Postcard Lovers
3.Waters of March
4.Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
5.They Say It's Wonderful (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Ice Hotel
2.One For My Baby
3.Isn't This A Lovely Day
5.Mi Amor
6.Au Coin Du Monde
7.Le Mal De Vivre
8.La Vénus Du Mélo
9.Les Vacances Au Bord De La Mer
10.C'est Le Printemps
11.There's A Lull In My Life
12.Don't Be That Way
13.More Than You Know
14.Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
15.Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
16.Come Live With Me (film version)
17.What the World Needs Now Is Love

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