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Stacey Kent( 史黛西肯特 )



【 The Changing Lights 】【 英文 】【 2014-02-11 】

1.This Happy Madness (提供)

2.Chanson légère (提供)

3.A tarde (提供)

4.The Face I Love (提供)

5.Like a Lover (提供)

6.O Bêbado e a Equilibrista / Smile (提供)

7.How Insensitive (提供)

8.The Changing Lights (提供)

9.O Barquinho (提供)

10.Waiter, Oh Waiter

11.Mais uma Vez (提供)

12.One Note Samba (Samba de uma Nota So)

13.The Summer We Crossed Europe In the Rain (提供)

14.Le premier bonheur du jour (提供)


It is hard to categorize Stacey Kent. An American who speaks fluent French as well as Portuguese, Italian and German, she is able to transcend genre and national boundaries with an ease that few other artists can. Having recorded a live album in Rio De Janeiro with Marcos Valle (in celebration of his 50th year in music), Stacey's musical journey has brought her ever closer to Brazilian music. With The Changing Lights, Kent re-imagines her truly personal sound and style through the prism of Brazilian music.

The American singer's 2014 album includes both original compositions and classic songs from the biggest names in Brazilian music, including Tôm Jobim, Dori Caymmi, Marcos Valle and Roberto Menescal, who performs on two of the album's tracks, including his own, 'O Barquinho.'

This album, produced and arranged by Jim Tomlinson, finds Stacey Kent visiting some of her favorite Bossa Nova songs, including 'This Happy Madness,' 'One Note Samba,' 'How Insensitive,' alongside original songs composed by Jim Tomlinson, in collaboration with the acclaimed novelist, Kazuo Ishiguro ('The Changing Lights,' 'Waiter,' 'Oh Waiter,' 'The Summer We Crossed Europe In The Rain'), the team that wrote 'The Ice Hotel' and 'Breakfast On The Morning Tram.' There are also collaborations with Portuguese poet, Antonio Ladeira ('Mais Uma Vez,' 'A Tarde') and French lyricist, Bernie Beaupère ('Chanson Légère'), the lyricist of 'Raconte-Moi' and 'Venus Du Melo.'

The Changing Lights is a milestone for Stacey and the highlight of a 15-year recording career from a gifted jazz singer with not only an exquisite voice but also an unmatched talent for storytelling.

1. This Happy Madness
2. The Summer We Crossed Europe In The Rain
3. One Note Samba [Samba De Uma Nota So]
4. Mais Uma Vez
5. Waiter, Oh Waiter
6. O Barquinho
7. The Changing Lights
8. How Insensitive
9. O Bêbado E A Equilibrista / Smile
10. Like A Lover
11. The Face I Love
12. A Tarde
13. Chanson Légère
14. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) - By Quatuor Ébène/Stacey Kent
15. Meditation