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【 Making Good Noise 】【 英文 】【 2003-09 】

1.Making Good Noise (提供)

2.Bang On the Pan

3.Putting On A Show (提供)

4.I Love To Play the Kazoo (提供)

5.You're Not the Boss of My Brain (提供)

6.Cookin' In the Kitchen (提供)

7.The All-Purpose Carol (提供)

8.Singalong Longasing (提供)

9.The Hampton String Quartet (提供)

10.Yo-Yo's Ma (提供)

11.My B-A-N-J-O (提供)

12.A Day At Camp Decibel (提供)

13.Sing Me the Story of Your Day

14.I Need A Lullaby (提供)

15.This Song Is My Homework


Gadfly Records is proud to announce the release of a new family CD, Making Good Noise, from two-time Grammy Award winner Tom Chapin. The new album is the tenth installment in Chapin's remarkable series of albums for families to enjoy together. Chapin's nine previous family-oriented recordings have won every award in the book: Parents Choice Gold & Silver, the American Library Association, Parents Magazine and the New York Music Awards, as well as multiple Grammy nominations.

On Making Good Noise, Tom Chapin continues to speak to children and families with great wit and wisdom. A storied live performer and a pioneer in the field of children's music, Chapin and his collaborators (John Forster, Michael Mark and Jon Cobert) have crafted an ever-expanding body of original music aimed at the post-toddler, pre-teen set. The songs are full of ideas yet, while many impart a message, the overall tone remains light and fun. Teachers throughout North America have incorporated Tom's songs into their curriculum, finding them accessible and adaptable to classroom study and interaction.

What makes Tom Chapin's music unique is its across-the-board appeal - kids find it funny and contagious, while adults find it intelligent and creative. It becomes a place where kids and parents can meet and have fun, music they can listen to together. It makes you feel good about yourself, emphasizing a positive awareness of life, family and our environment. And hey, it's really fun!

Making Good Noise is full of lively tunes and fresh, witty lyrics and, as always with Chapin, the music is top notch, covering an extraordinary range of styles and ideas. With terrific songs, great singing, a hot live band with real horns, and even a famous string quartet, this is not your typical kid's record!

This time the theme is making music: a Tom's-eye view of the joy and craziness of learning, playing, sharing, creating, practicing and performing together. These fifteen new songs plunge us into his musically delightful, inventive, story-filled world. 'I love this record,' Tom says, 'and hope it will be played a lot, especially on long car trips when parents and kids have to agree on music, and listen to it together.'