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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Tom Chapin( 汤姆·查宾 )
Tom Chapin( 汤姆·查宾 )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 135 首歌 】
汤姆·查宾(Tom Chapin,1945年3月13日出生)是美国音乐家,艺人,歌手,作曲家和讲故事者。
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Give Peas A Chance 英文
1.Farmer's Market Good (提供)
2.Don't Try It On Me (提供)
3.Chain Of Food (提供)
4.Grow Your Own (提供)
5.Beans Talk (提供)
6.Locally Grown (提供)
7.The Ultimate Lunchroom (提供)
8.Every Body (提供)
9.The Honeybee Waggle (提供)
10.Rappa Dappa Doodle (提供)
11.Life Grows On (提供)
12.The Junk Food Pyramid (提供)
13.Slow Food (提供)
14.Enough For Everyone (提供)
Around The World And Back Again 英文
1.Around The World and Back Again (ATWABA) (提供)
2.What Is A Didjeridoo? (提供)
3.The Wonderful World of Yes (提供)
4.In An Elephant World (提供)
5.I Papaveri (The Poppy Song) (提供)
6.Dance, Dance, Dance (提供)
7.The Troubadour (提供)
8.It's Gonna Be Dinner Soon
9.A Forest In the Rain
10.How'd You Like To Do That? (提供)
11.Gonna Go To Borneo (提供)
12.Wheels (提供)
13.Heartache To Happy (提供)
14.Another Busy Day (提供)
15.By-ush Ki By-u (提供)
16.Song of the Earth (提供)
Making Good Noise 英文
1.Making Good Noise (提供)
2.Bang On the Pan
3.Putting On A Show (提供)
4.I Love To Play the Kazoo (提供)
5.You're Not the Boss of My Brain (提供)
6.Cookin' In the Kitchen (提供)
7.The All-Purpose Carol (提供)
8.Singalong Longasing (提供)
9.The Hampton String Quartet (提供)
10.Yo-Yo's Ma (提供)
11.My B-A-N-J-O (提供)
12.A Day At Camp Decibel (提供)
13.Sing Me the Story of Your Day
14.I Need A Lullaby (提供)
15.This Song Is My Homework
Zag Zig 英文
1.Vitamin Si (提供)
2.The Backwards Birthday Party (提供)
3.Mikey Won't (提供)
5.Hi Hi, I Love Ya (提供)
6.Zag Zig (提供)
7.Bruno's Christmas On the Mall
8.Loose Tooth (提供)
9.If Only (提供)
10.Best of Companions (提供)
11.Clean Machine (提供)
12.Johnny Glockenspiel (提供)
13.The Ragtime Dance (提供)
14.When the Busy Day Is Done (提供)
Billy The Squid 英文
1.Great Big Words
2.Bye Bye Dodo (提供)
3.All of My Friends (提供)
4.You'll Be Sorry (提供)
5.The Ghost of Bleak House (提供)
6.Cameling (提供)
7.Billy the Squid
8.Sore Loser
9.Happy Earth Day
10.The Missing Parade (提供)
11.Preacher Herman (提供)
12.I've Got the Blues, Greens and Reds (提供)
13.Bedtime Round / City Lullaby (提供)
Family Tree 英文
1.The Parade Came Marching
2.The Nick Of Time
5.A Long Way Home
6.Big Rock Candy Mountain (提供)
7.Someone's Gonna Use It
8.Family Tree
9.This Pretty Planet
10.Plenty of Room (提供)
11.Don't Make Me (提供)
12.Uh Oh, Accident (提供)
14.Together Tomorrow
Common Ground 英文
1.Common Ground (提供)
2.Not Tired of Love (提供)
3.Love Me Tonight (提供)
4.Story of A Life (提供)
5.Bob Marley's Orphan Son (提供)
6.My Electronic Vacation (提供)
7.The Singer Is the Song (提供)
8.12 String Ramble (提供)
9.Uncle Wally's Tale (提供)
10.Martha & Oprah (提供)
11.A Jangle In the Air (提供)
12.Roll On Your Way (提供)
In The City Of Mercy 英文
1.Rockin' My Baby (提供)
2.Running Away (提供)
3.I Call You (提供)
4.Jeannie (提供)
5.Circle (提供)
6.City of Mercy (提供)
7.Willie (The Ballad of Willie Sutton) (提供)
8.Saturday Morning (提供)
9.Summerville (提供)
10.Make It Right (提供)
Mother Earth 英文
1.A Song of One (提供)
2.Two Kinds of Seagulls (提供)
3.The Wheel of the Water
4.The Picnic of the World
5.Sailing To the Sea (提供)
6.Good Garbage
7.Mother Earth's Routine (提供)
8.Cousins (提供)
9.On My Way To School
10.Stone Soup
11.A Capital Ship
12.All Through the Night
13.Thanksgiving Day
Moonboat 英文
1.Library Song
2.Mothers' Day (提供)
3.Sing A Whale Song (提供)
4.The Trail Ride (提供)
5.State Laughs (提供)
6.Happy Birthday
7.Moonboat (提供)
8.You'll Come Shining Through (提供)
9.Catches (提供)
10.Don't Play With Bruno
11.Alphabet Soup
12.Princess Di's Distress (提供)
13.Neat Mess (提供)
14.Grow In Your Own Sweet Way (提供)

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