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Dreamscapes of the Perverse

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Dreamscapes of the Perverse

Rise of Self

In this dark time of creation
Paint these hours in black
These moments only I know
And curse my soul forever
To scar me for what I have done
Beyond all comprehension
Of this paradox of creation
The cries of millions pass my ears.

Everything spirals downwards
As it has always done
It's so easy to live in darkness
When it's all you've ever known
Accepting a life void of hope
They swim in a river of death
Their pitiful souls know nothing
But a sick and desperate past
It all hurts so terribly
That I can barely stand

Who wants to see me like this?
Wanting to forget myself
And the choices I have made
The damned look for a savior
And search beyond their dreams
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To take existence for granted - and immortality
Lost in the twisted delusions
And impossible beliefs
Of divine intervention
To save them from themselves
A speck of dust on the surface
A single grain of sand
Remnants of a sickening existence
Swept away by my hand

Compassion once a burden
Tonight I'll let it lie
Waiting to face the morning
Knowing I watched them die.

Innocence forever gone
Perversion reigns in this world
Decaying parasite of life
Destined forever to infest
Do not reach for me in faith
You'll be cut off at the hand
I'm not your merciful savior
I'm here to watch you die.

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