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Make Believe

The early noon yawns i shake off my dreams
Dreamt i was a dragongfly lying by a stream
But skin and bone awoke to my world of make believe
When i know i was a dragonfly dreaming that he's me
The playhouse comes to life so i stop to have a listen
Riding down the sliding board and fly into the kitchen
Where aimee's wearing fairy wings and cooking up some chicken (veg)
So i hit her with some glitter, 'murphy, stop being silly!'
Outside on the lawn you can see mr. gone
And you know he's going off with the over-the-top-hat on
He got belief and disbelief its just placebo in a bottle
Wookies always looking for the psychedelic throttle
Cosmic swami got a message beaming in from outer space
Theres a place on your face you can save the human race
Its called a smile
The positivity will spread it takes a while
But the grin will turn an inch into a mile
And butterfly wings will be the style
All you got to do is just

Make believe

Clouds floating by like elephants
Rainbow shining overhead must be heaven sent
Don't dismiss or you'll miss all the relevance
When your belief's in your hands it's benevolence
Glitter girl wakes in her room full of clouds
And it must be afternoon cuz the reggae's booming loud
Jojo blowing bubbles to the firmament
If you catch one in your hand it might be permanent
Hat eine swanzig mark note und er brennt sie
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This non sequitur the lesson but we're learning it turning it
Inside out and upside down
Abduction is the key to the door that goes underground
We found there's a river that ties it all together
And you gotta jump in even though you can't swim
And you drift to a cave where you're drowning in your doubt
But shadow's got the lab coat on and he's there to pull you out
Strapped to a table with your fear just remember that
Nothing ever is as it appears, the man in the
Mask removes your chip just in time
Now you're initiated to the undermind
Its all just
Make belief
The nighttime arrives the moon will inspire
A freak drum circle with fairies spinning fire
We chant down babylon marco drops a beat
Capt. happy got a five-foot stilts on his feet
Enter mr. bliss with melissa the nurse
His license is poetic his verse unrehearsed
A candy necklace is a great sign of wealth in our tribe
And knowing is an omen when i see a buttlerfly by
Its all in my head is what my caseworker said
And the knots in my brain grow out into dreads
Weedman's in his room just watching cartoons
I better get some sleep got to be up around noon
Just close my eyes and wake up from my dream
And go back to being a dragongfly lying by a stream
Believe it so i see its all
Make believe

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