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BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah

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BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah

Street Knowledge

feat. BADBADNOTGOOD, Ghostface Killah & Tree

[Verse 1:Tree]
Made money, watch for the cops that go a hundred, crazy summer
Moved on up, Fivers are on it, that or a shooter
Who I'm around, every hoovers want a new block
These is the projects, let me screw you top of the day
Thermometer high, niggas'll shoot [?]up
More gun shots than in Felluajah, call it Chiraq
Hundred [?], no tellin [?]on the mile back
Get a real junkie to test the product, hold the ice pot
Warm up the pot, let it rock up, stay on your grind
Get that shit jumpin', start off with dimes and on the week days
Take 25 give 'em all 3 bags
Within a week you're gettin' money, the cliché
Come through bumpin' your head and he say
They all say that he paid
And now people wondering what he made
And if your weak eh, can he be robbed, beast hey
Now he gotta go Mobb Deep on me

[Hook: Ghostface Killah](x2)
Street knowledge, we puttin' these books to the test
We puttin' two to the chest for niggas who rock vests
Food for though, spittin' out verbs for sport
In these streets you better walk the walk or come up short

[Verse 2: Ghostface Killah]
Don't let 10 miles get you oxed up, boxed up in the cage
On some [?]high shit, bitches burning bundles of sage
Your crack rock too pure, they gonna set you up
Chain too big on your neck, they calling you King Tut
Trust the one who's sweat bands is [?]
And run for the hills, if you're anybody else, freeze
Stash your cheese better, them shoe boxes don't work
That's some old school shit, like money in the mattress
Bitches is actresses, just screw 'em and leave
They fuck up your whole operation like Adam and Eve
Don't play the roof tops, change the color of your blue tops
And them bags with the smily faces, get new stocks
You can't run in skinny jeans, serve fiends my any means
Sprinkle coke in the dust blunt to spice up your greens
This the school of street gems from your boy Tony Yano
You wanna check for it nigga, slide across the Verrazano


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