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The End of Light



Can you feel it somewhere deep inside?
Sometimes dark and sometimes bright as light...
A gift from above in me and in you to cry and to laugh...

Can you hear it speaking from within?
Listen to your values and your sins!
You know it's there, a piece of the whole thing...
Surrounding everything...

Take a look at the starts so bright
Even gone sending us their light.
Is all we need just trying to believe
In ourselves and in everything that keeps us going on?

Where do we go?
Where did we come from?
Does it make sense
What we're longing for?
By following our dreams and fears
We'll find another way to the unknown, to the inside...


A secret deep inside in every one of us
Based on our beliefs is what we trust...
The habits have prevailed over our wisdom.
Did we just forget to listen...?

There will be a time
When it's calling you again,
When you're falling to remain
Like an innocent child
Like a new appetite
To understand...

The stars in the sky, some million years old
Still keep on to shine even dead and gone...
The only thing that cannot die on its way
Through space and time where souls find their
Home at the end of light.

[Part IV: OFF]

Make a choice in your mind!


Follow your inner voice
They try to keep you blind
Time to make a choice!

Why do we demand what is so far beyond the horizon of our mind?
Don't let them take away your last hope and fate.
You will finally make your own way!

Looking up to the stars and start to realize:
The day will come to join the light -
It's not a pain, it is a prize...

How many people do we need to show what's right, what's wrong?
How many gods do we create to keep it strong?
Just keep on, deceive yourself and betray your heart!
One day you will understand your world falls apart!

The end of light where the soul's at home!
The end of light where your soul will go... someday... someday


Helpless - it's a matter of fact we deserve what we receive...
Faithless - do we still believe what is told us to believe?
Why are we pleased to doubt as we fall?
Where is the profit to query that all?

One day you stop to glance at the point
Where we belong to the last joint.

Senseless - I have stopped to understand so long ago...
Baseless we fear what we're actually longing for...

Crossing the path that fate has elected,
Follow the steps to the end you've selected.
Nothing to fear! You're leaving the night!
Take the last journey to the end of light...