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Dark Man Shadow

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Dark Man Shadow

Seven Seasons

thrown away
by reason of rigid obstinacy
flowed away
aim what we've adore
unending thoughts
parting hurts
with apathy - confirmed

some creatures
construed the facts wrong
we were cursed
to meanness
confutation - malediction

flying without wings
staring in the mirror and search
where was the blunder
that generates disgust and disregard
seven seasons
seems persist
we've found not the path
for each other
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we were enclosed
with valediction

Omen seems to take daze of us
fallen each in own verity
nearness and sensitivity
was remaining
still left to disappear

destroying our bud
louring over us

in gloomy emptiness
we still go to our destination
gasping for breath
deaden my wrath

seven seasons we didn't find the path
unending thoughts
we didn't know the worth...

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