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Rock In Place

Look here in my space, I develop my thought I'll be a rock in place
Talk so slow but Jah-Jah-Jah-Jah gonna ride-ride
Upon the windstorm of your love Jah-Jah gonna fly high pon a broken chair

All of dem heathen must beware some a dem gwan south some a dem gwan hell
Look at what foretold broken sky up into space broken up mount taurus rock in place!

Rock in place a rock in place oh
Rock in place a rock in place oh

Are you gonna feel tonight
Are you gonna rock, are you gonna play it alright
Are you gonna feel the bump up in the road ya better turn right
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Before you dut in hole I read upon story, Jah chant it for life!
I read upon story, some a dem, a some a dem

Call I some a dem a rob I soul
Robber, robber, a robber
Some a dem call dem na feel dem so
Robber, robber, robber, robber
Some one better tell ya
We use to flash them with thunder

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