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Jaden Smith( Jaden Christopher Syre Smith )

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Jaden Smith( Jaden Christopher Syre Smith )


I got the fam
Um, I got the tunes
Uh, we got the crystals
We got the candles
Were sitting in a circle, were sitting in a circle
Circles and squares, circles and squares
Erkels and bears, lets go lets go
I'm apprehensive, I don't pay attention
Ahem, Let's go

[Verse 1]
Let the champagne come just for the look of it
Looking for my Misfits they probably playing hooky
That's the freakin' cult if you ain't with it you probably should be
We reppin' all black like the night you tried to shook me
Don't try to push me
I'm not too friendly when my stomachs empty
Battle MC's if they kill me, fans will re-invent me
Diety's to send me stop the cult you see it's empty
Just like the gold that we supposedly had
Heard it was sold to Johnny Deep, then it was sold to my dad
Now it's gone, wait what happened bro? We sold out its fast
I got the brains on my shoulders I'm the oldest in class
(You have ADD)
Well I can focus at last
I like to thank my Mom and Dad for that trip to the doctor
Now he said I had ADD and now its just awkward
Jaden the awkward what you hear on the stereo
That's what you see when you come to my burial
Bring the chorus, bring the chorus
It's the chorus in your pores that's for sure close the doors
Close the doors, the kids are gonna think of a divorce
Get the porshe keys baby while I button up my shorts
Teo playing different chords like our life was just a score
What's the score? Between the male and the feminine
I say it and it's genuine

[Verse 2]
You can't polish this, that's just common sense
That's what common said
Take my fathers Benz, go retarded zen step and start a trend
Stop and start again, cops are barging in
Cops forgot my friends, lot's of dolphins swim
Serious A serious V it's just Siri and me
You serious G? Kids fearing where them pyramids be
Well under the sphinx they got buckets and sinks
And tree bark that I like to cut when it stinks
Yo Tut what's up with my minks?
Fountain of youth got a cup full of pink
Look around like 'yo what's up with my drink?'
I'm having trouble with sleep, 2012 yo what's up with these dreams?
They only stopping when I wake up to pee
And if you wake up to see, the T.V. is full of chaos and chaos
The radio no they don't never play us play us, you know it

You got the lights with you?
Having trouble when I come around
You bring some ice with you?
I keep it subtle but I run the town
Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh we the men in black
Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh we the men in black
Uh-oh uh-oh we, we the men in black
Uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh we the, we the men in black
What's up?