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Beyond Cure

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Beyond Cure

Benighted Light

Is there something tears your mind
inside you ,Nothing remains but darkness
All things lead you road to ruin
Earthling, wont give you compassionate eyesight
A thread of remnant breathing
We can take it at our last gasp
Along the pathway to the lightspot
Finally, spreading your wings just in vain
Lies won't make itself become more prettier
Life just like a benighted light form every frustrate minds
As if truth build on deceptiveness, Endless wangle.
Fade away from reality
Deceiving yourself at all.
Breeding in this maze hatred rapidly spreading
Is there something tears your mind.
You don't even know where it from and what it like
Close enough to crawl over the fucking wall
All your desire
Desiring all things eternally
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Your any reason to live.
Buring it with depressed.
Finally, Deceiving at all.
Walking on this endless read
Just want to seize the light.
Stab me in the back.
just like this motherfucking planet should be.
You said that eternity never exist in the world.
forgetting everything You ever told me
which sounds like piece of shit
And those fucking wound and sorrow.
I try to running out of the dark
Never rest never stop
waiting for someone could stop this rain
Please don't bury me with pain x4
just let it fade out
Your shadow fading in benighted light

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