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People of the Sea

At a forgotten seashore
Of black rocks and gray soil
There it stands, the village
Of the people of the sea

Where the sun shines no more
Where the seagulls fly no more
The children of dragon
Breed their race in silence

In houses of stone they live
Disturbing, grim and cold
Cold like their hearts and flesh
Cold like the eyes of their god

People of the sea
Between two words they live
Phantoms of the water
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A nightmare coming from the deep

Descendants of a race
Beyond time, beyond mankind
Half fish, half men, half gods
Their Gorgon queen awaits the dawn

Watching with their fishy eyes
Killing with their fish-like hands
Using the mortal men as cells
Weaving their domination

So brave sailors mark my words
If fate leads you at their shore
Fear not to die by your own hand
Or else they will have your soul