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Lyricist:Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, David Sheats

Hey yo, hey yo, we speedballin'

Livin' by the grace of God at the pace of the Devil
Life is hard, we speedballin' with no time to waste
The trouble tends to weeble wobble over the base
We speedballin', nose wanna blow out steam

So make some fuckin' noise if you know what I mean
We speedballin' ha but if you don't you won't
You'll end up in your trouble while the fury of funk
We speedballin'

Uh uh, yeah sucka we're speedballin', ballin', ballin', ballin'
Yeah uh, we speedballin', ballin', ballin, uh yeah, we speedballin'
Ballin', ballin', uh uh uh yeah, we speedballin', ballin', ballin', ballin'
Ballin', ballin', ballin', ballin', ballin', uh, we speedballin'
Yeah woo, yeah uh

Mama think I'm on that blow 'cause anything over marijuana fa' sho'
We speedballin' huh, if I could just come down
But when I do come down I don't like how it sound
We speedballin hoo, the pitcher all on the mound

Throwin' fastballs with a curve, the nerve of speedballin' ha
Some niggaz serve to live, some niggaz live to serve
Not a fuck who they give, we speeballin' ha

Ha yeah woo, we speedballin', ballin'
Yeah, can y'all feel that? Uh, we speedballin', ballin', ballin'
Ha c'mon, yeah we speedballin', what?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

My God, my heart, my start, my Saviour, my soul
My end, my friend, my sin, now when can I go?
If you can hear me, now then make me move
Stank-ya, I like it like that, I'm in yo' groove

Yeah, yeah, entire world uh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Decatur, woo we speedballin', uh yeah, yeah, A.T.L
Uh yeah, New York we speedballin', ballin', ballin'
Woo yeah uh uh, we speedballin', L.A. woo woo, we speedballin'

Woo woo woo woo, woo woo, uh uh uh uh
We speedballin', ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Yeah yeah, woo woo, we speedballin'
What? Ha what? Woo woo, we speedballin'

Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
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Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more
Hoo-ver, can't rock and roll no more

Nigga wanna think these boys don't blow
Hoe you see them snortin' them coke
Chaos still don't give you a hoe
Maybe you think the music is low

Maybe you say, the niggaz is wack
If he asks, want some crack
If you do that, you never come back
Back to life, reality black

Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump the brakes
Analyze shit, got down to stakes
Take a shortcut tryin' to win the race
Whatchu gonna do when you step in the place?

At a player's place, nigga takin' my time
What he gon' say when I freak the rhyme?
How you gon' deal when's it heat tonight?
Buck, buck, buck, nigga on the run

Niggafied 'cause we still on the grind
In the trap for the dope boys
Speedballin', free-fallin'
In my own moon and my own zone

Boy life is short, gonna suck it up
Arsty-fartsy nigga fuck it up
Down in the trenches, press your luck
Assed out like you ain't no butt, nigga what?

My soul is burnin', about to catch fire
I'm overheated, about to catch fire, ha
I can't help myself, I'm on fire, ha ha ha ha

My soul is burnin', about to catch fire
I'm overheated, about to catch fire, ha
I can't help myself, I'm on fire, I'm on fire, ah good God

My soul is burnin', about to catch fire
I'm overheated, about to catch fire, ha
I can't help myself, I'm on fire, ah good Lord

My soul is burnin', about to catch fire
I'm overheated, about to catch fire, ha
I can't help myself, I'm on fire, I'm on fire

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