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Point of Origin


Have you reached beyond the sky
And felt the world collapse around your eyes
When your fire is alive
Keep it burning up inside
Let the flame indulge the pain to break the ice

Who ever claims “there's no chance, we gotta let it go,”
Couldn't find their way out of this world they will never know
Structure is overrated
We are the voice of the underrated

I can just feel it
Every sound you make is our guiding light
You are the reason
We can find a home in the darkest night
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We can be this guiding light
Glowing in the darkest night

Our canvas starts as white as snow
So don't you let yourself cloud up your mind
You have to let your self explore
What you never have before
Feed your thoughts into a world we re-define

We gotta catch that wind before hitting the ground
When every season is a cycle
And every thought becomes a spiral
in a world where these decisions
Makes collision of good and evil
It's our hearts that take a chance and stay true
Cause our streets gave us this chance to prove

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