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[Intro:Female Voice]
Okay, but, uh, are you sure I'm an example
I just want to be alone with you
Is that fine?

[Verse 1]
Sexual healing
Oh what a feeling
Oh, oh, oh
Young and impatient for sweet sensations, yeah, yeah, yeah
Hey (you know baby, yeah you know)
I'm still up to something criminal
Stealing your peace of mind
Girl let me know
It's always something physical
I was seeing just one more time
I know you know it's mine
Oh yeah baby

[Verse 2]
But where were you when I need you, when I need you
When can I find you when I'm too low?
I can't let go
Girl, confess that you were lost (confess that you were lost)
You're looking to be found (you're looking to be found)
You're searching to be seen (just searched to be seen)
You're anxious to believe (you're anxious to believe)
My love is natural (my love is natural)
It'll find you wherever you are (it'll find you wherever you are)
You're still number one to me (you're still number one to me)
Confess that you were lost
Feeling sensations