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Sun Kil Moon

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
The saddest eyes she wore
So longing and forlorn
It made me love you more and more
The bluest heart she owns
As she gets more and more alone
as the deepest cello drones
The oldest yard cat sings
her mournful bellowing
From branches in the trees
As still as oceans wreck
With them bring havok and death
Upon the land they'll sweep
The painful midnight cries
When one leaves the world behind
Leaves the world be, leaves the world behind
And here at Half Moon Bay
Hear the hum of the highway
Hum of the high, hum of the highway
Highway One
Grey clouds, muted suns
Down by the footbridge stream
I am walking in a dream
Wailing in my jeans
Because winter time was through
I cannot be there for you
I couldn't care for you
And near the traffic cone
Down the old highway one
Down the Devil's side it runs
And nothing cleans these stains
Not the January rains
Rising in the street
Down by the bay leaf tree
A lonely bird, eyes meet
Lonely bird eyes, lonely bird eyes meet
Under the blue moon beach
I am wandering in my dreams
Walking in my, wandering in a dream
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Highway one
Grey clouds, muted suns

I definitely need help with this one
Sam Wong Hotel
There by the blue, blue sea
On my morning walks
Seagulls dip and sway
Over the mossy rocks
Oh feel the wind blowing in
Cool summer days
Boats in the bay
Sailing along
Under a lone palm tree
On my easy rest
Centered in my gaze
Her pretty yellow dress
Oh Catherine, drifts again
Into my mind
Freezing the time
She visits me still
Oh Marina
Pastel hues
Which one tomorrow
Of your many moons?
Coast guard city light
My late evening walks
Down the port's mouth square
Pass Sam Wong Hotel
Oh, Chinatown
Closing down
Ghosts ??
Eerily dressed
Oh harp player(?)
On Grant Ave.
Which one tomorrow
of your morning(yearning) tunes ?