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We Found Love

We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a
We found love in a

Took it from slow lines to fast lanes
From singin' it to the rap game
To shirts comin' off more willingly
Than I was chillin' with Brandi Chastain
It's a journey of me, finding time for who I am
Tryna' borrow the belt
'Cause I been chillin' with Orion
In a street car named desire
In a that I call fire
In a get up that you admire
'Cause I don't just do this shit for hire
Too drunk n' tired
So reboot the track now let me rally
Globe trottin' mothafuckah
Now it's just me and Rand McNally
I'm on my flight
Now I'm in my whip
Now I'm on some beach
While I'm on your chick
And it feels so right
When I live like this
Fly every night, wings on my wrist
That means that time flies, just face it
Don't waste it tryna' chase it
Overcomplicating life baby
Let's just take it back to basics
Runnin' this shit out in my Asics
Let's get twisted let's get wasted
In case you ain't got cases
I got the best you ever tasted
Yeah realness is the truth
Just do what you do and focus
Now blur the rest out
Or else me and you are hopeless 'cause…

Free flow, every word to be
Askin', You ever heard of me?
Tongue MD, yeah
Helps me with this verbal surgery
The beat, fire, burning you in the third degree
And that's more separation
Than there is ever sure to be
'Cause you can surely see
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That you're the cure for me
I'll be addressing this situation urgently
Urging me to lie on you
Even though I'm tryna' court you
It's feeling like perjury
Pull the curtain please
There is seemin' to be
Nothing short of some sort of emergency
All the wording emerging
Yeah, stop it from hurting me
Alright let me close my eyes
Tell you what I like and tell you what I see
I think it's time we turn down the lights
It's gettin' a little hot n' heavy in the VIP
And it wasn't too long ago
They'd look at me
And say 'Son, you know we ID?'
Now they can't wait
To pull the rope and ask
Who the fuck it is I wanna get in free
Yeah, I say let's let 'em all in
And we could burn this up
'Cause you're gonna
Wanna be right there with us
When the DJ turns this up
Let's let these lights go dark
Let's get a little louder too
Timeflies is in the building
Let's show 'em how we do

So let me go and do it like this…

Creating more problems
Than you could solve
And I'm hogging all the bars
While hangin' with Veruca Salt
And I'm flowin' nothin' but golden tickets
I'm gettin' with it
See I hear these screaming fans
While all you hear is fuckin' crickets
This is a full affrontal, take it all off
Patiently racing
I ain't waiting for y'all to fall off
All this that I have tried
Now it seems that I've arrived
Yellow diamonds in the light
I finally feel like I'm alive