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Timbo King

The Book Of Timothy

(Intro) Sample
It's been a while, since I've had the privilege of standing before you all.
And its been very interesting where I've been.
I have been uh... going through a few things, metamorphosis
So it's with a renewed resolve, that I'm coming back to speak on some things.

Yeah, open your books up
From Babylon to Timbuktu
They say you can't judge a book by its cover
Author, read
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(Chorus) 2x
The Book of Timothy
Read all the prophecies
Learn about the Maccabees, descendents of royalty
It's the truth, you won't find it in no library
Written by the Timbo King, so get your mind ready

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[Timbo King]
Born in a world ascended child from a heavenly family
In a village where civilization was raised and taught
From the first steps on the Earth as so
Acknowledge the son whose father was a builder for-self
Who birthed the blesses of life
Amongst the merchants and messengers
The genuine rulers Tzu rises with his holy army of righteousness
Godly by human-nature
Travelers within the wilderness
Survivors of the darkness
Digest this food of tranquility
My faith is Elohim, the sounds of many waters
Through studies and prayer
The pain in struggle and the bloodline of the chosen
Heal angel guided by the High Force
The stakes and challenges the children of Yah faces
The Book of Timothy chapters are universal truth
My story, my victory, anointed by the Third Eye
His craftsman stand side him
Small miracles, extremely blessings
While the streets bringing bitterness to sweet revenge
Patrol arm Babylonians after the rebels and freedom fighters
Justice still remains blind
I'm here to unmask the veil
See the light through vessels of my over standing
The Temple of Truth, within the clusters of my thoughts
Balance cheat, self-teachings
Journey to the last questions, first answers
From Babylon to Timbuktu

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