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David Guetta( Pierre David Guetta )

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David Guetta( Pierre David Guetta )

Baby When The Light

David Guetta & Steve Angello
I ain't sorry for the way I feel
I know you think I'm being insincere
From the way I'm treating you
I never wanted tob e so unkind
The only one thing on my mind
is just kicking it with you girl

Baby, it's not the way I feel you know you must
Believe me baaby, it's not part of the deal (oh no no)

Baby when the lights go out every single word
Could not express the love and tenderness
I'll show what it's all about babe, I swear to you
Will succumb to me Soe baby come to me
When the lights go out

(You check it) Check it out, second verse girl
I know you think it may be just a lie ain't no use in
Putting up a fight cause my heart is set on you
I see the truth, it's in your eyes I ain't fooled by your
Thin disguise I can see I'm getting thought, babe
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Girl don't deny the way you feel you know you've
Gotta trust me give me a chance to prove I'm real
(oh yeah yeah)

CHORUS (2 times)

It's a black out girl the lights are off
I can feel you gettin close and I take your clothes off
Your body looks so soft
In between the sheets I lay you down girl
I wanna knock your socks off,
Knock your block off I'm down foe whatever
There's a few things that's 4ever
Like you in my life girl is all that I need 2 get by
Time to break it down cause your makin' me high
(Yeah, I like that) Ya know what I mean

(Repeat until Fade)

David Guetta( Pierre David Guetta )
Miscellaneous 1
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