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Album name:United Nations Of Sound

Mr. Ashcroft has a big, round, craggy voice. It s put to good use on Are You Ready?, the moody, confrontational single from his new solo record, United Nations of Sound. --New York Times 3/18/2011

This ambitious, optimistic opus contains arena-ready rock anthems filled with swelling strings, blistering guitar solos and catchy choruses. --The Boston Herald 3/18/2011

Flourishes with a pumping hip-hop beat and swelling strings --Spin March 2011

1. Are You Ready?
2. Born Again
3. America
4. This Thing Called Life
5. Beatitudes
6. Good
7. Lovin
8. How Deep Is Your Man?
9. She Brings Me The Music
10. Third Eye
11. Royal
12. Highness
13. Glory
14. Life Can Be So Beautiful
15. Let My Soul Rest

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