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Ronan Keating

I Got My Heart On You (Bonus Track)

Oh Baby (Oh baby)
Everybody got their heart on something
I got my heart on you
Oh Baby
And everybody got their card on someone
I got my love on you
Oh Sugar

In this world of hypocrisies
people learn from their tendencies
they wanna be free, they wanna be free
take a look at my heart girl
and look outside
people don't even stop to tell you the time
don't that tell you something (don't that tell you something)

I aint gonna beg you
I feel the way I feel
baby this is real (real)

Cause everybody got their heart on something
I got my heart on you
Oh Baby
And everybody got their card on someone
I got my love on you
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Oh Sugar

In this world of unfaithfulness
its only you girl I want to kiss
I'll never be free, unless you're with me
take a look at my girl
and look outside
when I'm with you girl, God I feel alive
can I tell you something, girl it's you or nothing

cause every night I'm dreaming
of making love to you
ahhhhh let's make this dream come true

cause everybody got the cards
everybody got the heart
girl let's not fight no more
girl let's not fight this no more

let's do something wild
like making a child
dance thru the night my love
one look in your eyes and I'm paralyzed
you're God's gift to my??

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