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Album name Release Date  Song    
Video Game Songs, Vol. 1
2.The Puppet Song
3.Dream Your Dream
4.Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Song (Instrumental)
5.Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Song
6.Goodbye (Instrumental)
7.Guardian (Instrumental)
8.Find the Pieces (Peter Litvin Remix)
9.Halloween at Freddy's
10.Don't Stop Now
11.Just an Attraction
Pick a Universe
1.Find the Pieces
2.After the End of the World
3.Boxes and Stone
4.Tonight We Go to War
5.All Nighter
6.In Charge
7.Gamer Girl Love Song
8.Minecraft Life
9.Pick a Universe
10.With You (feat. Lindee Link)
11.Feed the Need
In Real Life
1.Get Off My Block (feat. Captainsparklez)
2.Mario Kart Metal
3.A Whole World Made for Me
4.Straight to the Top
5.Creepin Ain't Easy
6.That Girl Is Crafty
7.Take Back the Night
8.In Real Life
9.I Came to Dig (Remastered) [feat. Captainsparklez]
10.C.O.D. Freestyle (feat. Jiveturkey600, Gfxlab & Kajeplays)
11.Calling All Ghosts (feat. Miracle of Sound)
12.Not Just a Collection of Letters (feat. Brysi)
13.Take Back the Night (Radio Edit)
Fallen Kingdom (Single)
1.Fallen Kingdom
1.Couldn't Save
2.We're the Same
1.Time Will Wait
2.Blasting Off
3.Turn Back
5.I'm on My Way
6.Welcome Back
7.Snake Charmer
8.Snake Charmer (Instrumental)
10.Doin It Grand (feat. Brysi)
11.I Came To Dig (Minecraft Rap) [feat. Captainsparklez]
12.Zombie (Feat. TryHardSister)
13.Revenge (Minecraft Creeper Song) (Feat. CaptainSparklez)
15.I Am Flowey
16.Assassin's Creed Syndicate Song
17.Biggest Cell Ever
18.Biggest Cell Ever (Instrumental)
19.Mercy or Genocide
20.Dark Winter
21.Mad Max Song
23.Back in Black
24.It's Me
25.Follow Me
26.Follow Me (Instrumental)
27.Dead Are Rising (Beware the Swarm)
28.The New Face of War
29.CAll OF Duty Advanced Warfare SONG 'The New Face Of War
30.Through The Night
32.Pieces (Instrumental)
33.Fallen Kingdom (Approaching Nirvana Remix)
34.Battlefield 3 Song
35.I Just Rage Quit
36.Bury You
37.You Think I Killed Your Dad
38.Stripes On a Tiger
39.The Campy Song
40.Feed the Need (inFAMOUS Video Game)
41.This Is Delirium
42.Minecraft Style
43.Mw3 Connection Song
44.Revenge (Minecraft Song) [feat. Captain Sparklez]
45.Get Off My Block
46.Revenge (Minecraft Creeper Song)
47.Circus of the Dead
49.Welcome Back (Unplugged)
50.The Dancing Demon
51.Bend You Till You Break
52.Lots of Fun
53.Everything Changes

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