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Album name Release Date  Song    
THE BEST DAY2 2019-12
3.WARNING! (Provided)
4.Shoot Me (Provided)
5.Somehow (Provided)
6.hurt road (Provided)
7.days gone by (Provided)
8.Beautiful Feeling (Provided)
9.For me (Provided)
10.Time of Our Life (Provided)
11.Cover (Provided)
12.Sweet Chaos (Provided)
13.Rescue Me (Provided)
14.365247 (Provided)
15.Time of Our Life -Japanese ver.-
16.Sweet Chaos -Japanese ver.-
The Book Of Us:Entropy 2019-10
1.Deep In Love
2.Sweet Chaos
4.Rescue Me
6.About Now
8.Not Fine
9.Stop Talking
10.Not Mine
11.Like A Flowing Wind
The Book Of Us:Gravity 2019-07
1.For Me
2.Time Of Our Life
3.How To Love
4.Wanna Go Back
6.Best Part
UNLOCK 2018-10
1.Live Your Life
2.Breaking Down
3.Stop The Rain
4.Say Hello
5.Everybody Rock!
6.I Just
7.Nobody Knows
9.If ~また逢えたら~
10.Baby, it's okay
Stop The Rain 2018-07
1.Stop The Rain2.Falling
Shoot Me:Youth Part 1 2018-06
2.Shoot Me
4.Feeling Good
5.Talking To
THE BEST DAY 2018-06
1.Congratulations (English Ver.)
2.I Wait (Japanese Ver.)
3.You Were Beautiful (English Ver.)
If ~また逢えたら~ 2018-03
1.If ~また逢えたら~2.Baby, it's okay
MOONRISE 2017-12
1.Better Better
2.I Like You
3.What Can I Do
4.I'll Remember
6.Be Lazy
7.Hi Hello
8.I Loved You
9.When You Love Someone
10.All Alone
12.I Need Somebody
13.I'll Try
Every Day6 November 2017-11
1.All Alone2.Pouring
Every Day6 October 2017-10
1.When You Love Someone2.I Need Somebody
Every Day6 September 2017-09
1.I Loved You2.I'll Remember
Every Day6 August 2017-08
1.What Can I Do2.Whatever!
Congratulations(Chinese Version) 2017-07
1.Congratulations(Chinese Version)
Sunrise 2017-06
1.Lean On Me
2.I Smile
3.Man In A Movie
4.I Wait
5.How Can I Say
6.Letting Go - Rebooted Version
7.I Would
8.Goodbye Winter
9.I'm Serious
10.Say Wow
11.Dance Dance
12.My Day
13.You Were Beautiful
14.Congratulations - Final Version
Every Day6 April 2017-04
1.I'm Serious2.Say Wow
Every Day6 March 2017-03
1.How Can I Say2.I Would
Every Day6 January 2017-01
1.I Wait2.Goodbye Winter

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