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Maggie Lindemann (born July 21, 1998) is an American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her 2016 debut single 'Pretty Girl' peaked at number 4 in Sweden, number 6 in Belgium, number 8 in Norway and the UK and number 16 in the Netherlands.


Lindemann’s debut single 'Knocking On Your Heart' was released in September 2015. The song earned her a Top 20 spot on the iTunes Alternative Chart within 24 hours of its release.

Her second single 'Couple Of Kids' was released on October 30, 2015. On January 29, 2016, her third single 'Things' was released, earning her another successful top 25 hit on the iTunes Alternative Chart within a day of its release. The song also broke the Top 50 on the Spotify Viral 50 worldwide chart and the top 5 of the Canada viral chart. The official music video of her single 'Things' was released on her YouTube channel on February 5, 2016.

As of May 2017, her YouTube channel has over 24 million views combined. On September 29, 2016, she released the single 'Pretty Girl', her first single since signing to 300 Entertainment. The song peaked at #4 on the Next Big Sound chart, and at #26 on the Spotify Viral 50 chart. Lindemann wrote the song to 'show people that there’s more to girls than just being pretty. We have so much to offer. People should get past the physical appearance to something deeper.' The music video for 'Pretty Girl' premiered through People on March 9, 2017. 'Pretty Girl' is Lindemann's first song to ever chart on the US Pop Radio Charts as it peaked at 50. It also peaked at #9 on the UK Singles Chart. Lindemann featured in The Vamps' single 'Personal', released October 13, 2017.

Lindemann released the single 'Obsessed' on November 17, 2017.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Human 2018-10 1.Human
Pretty Girl 2016-09 1.Pretty Girl
Miscellaneous 1.Couple of Kids
2.Knocking on Your Heart
4.Pretty Girl (Ye Remix)
5.Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes X Cade Remix)
6.Pretty Girl (Taylor Wise Remix)

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