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Culture are a Jamaican roots reggae group founded in 1976. Originally they were known as the African Disciples. The one constant member until his death in 2006 was Joseph Hill.

The group formed in 1976 as the vocal trio of Joseph Hill (formerly a percussionist in Studio One house band the Soul Defenders), his cousin Albert 'Ralph' Walker, and Roy 'Kenneth' Dayes, initially using the name The African Disciples. They soon changed name to Culture, and auditioned successfully for the 'Mighty Two' – producer Joe Gibbs and engineer Errol Thompson. While at Gibbs' studio, they recorded a series of powerful singles, starting with 'See Dem a Come' and including the hugely successful 'Two Sevens Clash' (which predicted the apocalypse on 7 July 1977), many of which ended up on their debut album Two Sevens Clash. The song was sufficiently influential that many in Kingston stayed indoors on 7 July, fearing that the prophecy would come true. A second Gibbs-produced album, Baldhead Bridge, followed in 1978, by which time the group had moved on to record for producer Sonia Pottinger. The group entered into a long-running dispute with Gibbs over royalties to the first album.

Two Sevens Clash meanwhile had become a big seller in the United Kingdom, popular with punk rock fans as well as reggae fans and boosted by the support of John Peel on his BBC Radio 1 show, and reached number 60 on the UK Albums Chart in April 1978. This prompted Virgin Records to sign the group to its Front Line label, releasing Harder than the Rest (1978) and International Herb (1979). Culture also released records on other labels in Jamaica, including a dub version of Harder than the Rest, Culture in Dub (1978, High Note), and an album of different recordings of the same album, Africa Stand Alone (April 1978). An album recorded for Pottinger in 1979 with a working title of Black Rose remained unreleased until tracks emerged in 1993 on Trod On.

Culture performed at the One Love Peace Concert in 1978.

In 1981 the three singers went their own ways. Hill carried on using the Culture name, and recorded the Lion Rock album, which was reissued in the United States by Heartbeat Records. Hill and his new band recorded a session for long time supporter John Peel in December 1982, and the group went on to record further studio sessions for Peel in 1998 and 2002, and their performance at the Royal Festival Hall in July 1998 was broadcast on his show. For their part, Walker and Dayes recorded a handful of songs on their own – a few of which turned up on an album titled Roots & Culture. Hill performed at the Reggae Sunsplash festival in 1985 and in 1986 the original line-up reformed to record two highly regarded albums – Culture in Culture and Culture at Work.

Several album followed in the 1990s on Shanachie Records and Ras Records, often recorded with Sly and Robbie, with Dayes leaving the group again around 1994, with Reginald Taylor replacing him. Dayes subsequently worked as a solo artist under the name Kenneth Culture.

By 2001 Telford Nelson had replaced Taylor.

Joseph Hill, who came to symbolise the face of Culture, died in Berlin, Germany on 19 August 2006 while the group was on tour, after collapsing following a performance. His son, Kenyatta Hill, who had acted as the group's sound engineer on tour, performed with his father's band at the Western Consciousness show in 2007, which was dedicated to Joseph Hill, and became the lead singer of Culture; Walker and Nelson continue to provide backing vocals.

In 2011, Live On was released, featuring Kenyatta's performances of his father's songs, including 'Two Sevens Clash' and 'International Herb'.
Studio albums

Two Sevens Clash (1977), Joe Gibbs Music
Baldhead Bridge (1978), Joe Gibbs Music
Harder than the Rest produced by Sonia Pottinger (1978), Virgin Records/Front Line
Africa Stand Alone (1978), April
Cumbolo produced by Sonia Pottinger (1979), Virgin/Front Line
International Herb produced by Sonia Pottinger (1979), High Note/Virgin
More Culture aka Innocent Blood (1981), Joe Gibbs Music
Lion Rock (1982), Sonic Sounds
Culture at Work (1986), Blue Mountain/Shanachie
Culture in Culture (1986), Music Track
Nuff Crisis (1988), Blue Mountain
Good Things (1989), RAS
Three Sides to My Story (1991), Shanachie
Wings of a Dove (1992), Shanachie
One Stone (1996), Gorgon/RAS
Trust Me (1997), RAS
Payday (1999), RAS
Humble African (2000), VP
World Peace (2003), Heartbeat
Pass the Torch (Tafari Records) (2007) (Seven versions of old tunes by Joseph Hill, and seven tunes by his son Kenyatta Hill)
Live On (2011), Zojak Worldwide
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Chanting On 2004
1.Slice of Mount Zion
2.Chant Down Babylon
3.Old Tattoo
4.Hand a Bowl
5.Share the Riches
6.Writing on the Wall
One Stone 1996
1.A Slice Of Mt. Zion
2.One Stone
3.Mr. Sluggard
4.Get Them Soft
5.Satan Company
6.Down In Babylon
7.Rastaman A Come
8.Tribal War
9.Addis Ababba
International Herb 1979
1.The International Herb - 2001 Digital Remaster
2.I Tried (2001 Remastered)
3.Chiney Man (2001 Remastered)
4.The Land We Belong (2001 Remastered)
5.Jah Rastafari (2001 Remastered)
6.The International Herb (2001 Remastered)
7.The Shepherd - 2001 Digital Remaster
8.I Tried - 2001 Digital Remaster
9.Chiney Man - 2001 Digital Remaster
10.The Land We Belong - 2001 Digital Remaster
11.Jah Rastafari - 2001 Digital Remaster
12.Too Long In Slavery (2001 Remastered)
Trust Me
1.No Night
2.Black Starliner
3.Jah Pretty Face
4.Walk With Jah
6.Trust Me
7.Chant Down Babylon
Reggae Anthology: Culture - Natty Dread Taking Over
1.Lion Rock
2.Psalm of Bob Marley
1.Hav e Hav e
2.Do Something For Yourself
3.Good Times
Nuff Crisis!
1.Crack In New York
2.How Did I Stray
3.Jah Rastafari
Harder Than The Rest
1.Behold - 2000 Digital Remaster
2.Holy Mount Zion - 2000 Digital Remaster
3.Iron Sharpening Iron - 2000 Digital Remaster
4.Tell Me Where You Get It - 2000 Digital Remaster
5.Work On Natty
1.They Never Love In This Time - 2000 Digital Remaster
2.Innocent Blood - 2000 Digital Remaster
3.Cumbolo - 2000 Digital Remaster
4.Down In Jamaica - 2000 Digital Remaster
5.This Train - 2000 Digital Remaster
6.Pay Day - 2000 Digital Remaster
7.Mind Who You Beg For Help - 2000 Digital Remaster
Culture On The Front Line
2.No Sin
3.Jah Alone A Christian
4.The Shepherd
5.I Tried
6.Chiney Man
7.The Land We Belong
8.Jah Rastafari
9.The International Herb
10.Mind Who You Beg For Help
11.Pay Day
12.Down In Jamaica
14.Innocent Blood
15.They Never Love In This Time
16.Tell Me Where You Get It
17.Iron Sharpening Iron
18.Holy Mount Zion
19.Work on Natty
1.Two Sevens Clash
2.I'm Not Ashamed
3.Bring Back the Money
4.Coming Down
5.Why Am I A Rastaman
6.Humble African
7.Wings Of A Dove
10.Money Girl
11.Black Starliner Must Come
12.Behold I Come
13.Never Get Weary
14.Addis Ababa
15.Zion Gate
17.One and Only
18.Deforestation (Original)
19.Untitled I
20.Why Am I Rastaman?
21.Black Man King
22.International Herb (Live)
23.Callie Weed Song
24.Land Where We Belong
25.So Long (Rastafari Calling)
26.Too Long In Slavery
27.Stop the Fussing and Fighting (2000 Digital Remaster)
28.Sweet Freedom
29.Still Rest My Heart
30.Pass On
31.Capture Rasta
32.Peace and Love
33.Dog Ago Nyam Dog
34.Peace And Love
35.Why Worry About Them
36.Stop the Fussing & Fighting
37.Praise Him
38.I'm Not Ashamed (feat. I-Roy)
39.Trod On
40.See Them a Come

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