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Set It Off【 10 albums 80 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Upside Down 2016
1.Something New
3.Diamond Girl
4.Tug of War
5.Admit It
7.Never Know
9.Me Without Us
10.Life Afraid
12.Upside Down
13.Me W/O Us (Provided)
14.Lie Afraid (Provided)
Duality Stories Unplugged 2015
1.The Haunting2.Wild Wild World
Duality 2014
3.Forever Stuck In Our Youth
4.Why Worry
5.Ancient History
6.Bleak December
8.Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
10.Bad Guy
11.Miss Mysterious
Cinematics 2013-06
1.Thoughts That Breathe (Provided)
3.Swan Song
4.Plastic Promises
5.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
6.No Control
7.Dream Catcher
8.Freak Show
9.Distance Disturbs Me
10.Dad's Song
11.I'd Rather Drown
12.The Grand Finale
Punk Goes Christmas 2013
1.This Christmas (I'll Burn It To The Ground)
Horrible Kids (EP) 2011
1.Breathe In, Breathe Out
2.End In Tragedy
3.Ashley's Song
5.Horrible Kids
6.I Think It's Arrogance
7.Third Wheel
8.Missing You
Duality (Album Commentary)
1.The Haunting - Commentary
2.Forever Stuck in Our Youth - Commentary
3.Why Worry - Commentary
4.Bad Guy - Commentary
Calm Before the Storm
1.Introduction to Outselling a Salesman
3.Houston We're Going Down
4.Pages & Paragraphs
5.Text Me, Kelly
6.I Promise
Baby You Don't Tripajaharda
1.Break It Up
2.Heart Breaker 101
3.Oh Marjorie
4.I May Not Be Fred Flinstone but I Can Make Your Bed Rock
5.Shhh... It's a Secret
1.Hush Hush
2.Ancient History (Acoustic)
3.Bleak December (Acoustic)
4.Tomorrow (Acoustic)
5.Why Worry (Acoustic)
6.The Haunting (Acoustic)
7.Wild Wild World - Acoustic
8.Duality Spoken Word Promo
9.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Acoustic Version)
10.You Are Loved (Demo)
11.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Acoustic)
12.Partners in Crime (ft. Ashley Costello)
13.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Mira Remix)
14.Dream Catcher (Acoustic)
16.Kill the Lights
17.Chase It!

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