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Lupe Fiasco( Wasalu Muhammad Jaco )【 27 albums 343 lyrics 】
Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (born February 16, 1982), better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco (/ˈluːpeɪ/ LOO-pay), is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. He also performs as the frontman of rock band Japanese Cartoon under his real name. As an entrepreneur, Fiasco is the chief executive officer of 1st and 15th Entertainment.

Raised in Chicago, Jaco developed an interest in hip hop after initially disliking the genre for its use of vulgarity and misogyny. After adopting the name Lupe Fiasco and recording songs in his father's basement, 19-year-old Fiasco joined a group called Da Pak. The group disbanded shortly after its inception, and Fiasco soon met rapper Jay-Z who helped him sign a record deal with Atlantic Records. In September 2006, Fiasco released his debut album Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor on the label, which received three Grammy nominations. He released his second album, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, in December 2007. The lead single 'Superstar' became his first top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. After a two-year delay, Lasers was released in March 2011 to mixed reviews; however, it became his first album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200. His latest album, Drogas Light, was released in February 2017.

In addition to music, Fiasco has pursued other business ventures, including fashion. He runs two clothing lines, Righteous Kung-Fu and Trilly & Truly; he has designed sneakers for Reebok. He has been involved with charitable activities, including the Summit on the Summit expedition, and in 2010 he recorded a benefit single for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Fiasco is also noted for his anti-establishment views, which he has expressed in both interviews and his music.

Lupe Fiasco discography

Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (2006)
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool (2007)
Lasers (2011)
Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 (2012)
Tetsuo & Youth (2015)
Drogas Light (2017)
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Run Game 2019-06
1.Run Game
DROGAS Light 2017
1.Dopamine Lit (Intro)
4.Made in the USA
6.City of the Year
7.High (Interlude)
11.Pick Up the Phone
12.It's Not Design
13.Wild Child
14.More Than My Heart
Pick Up the Phone 2016-08
1.Pick Up the Phone
Made in the USA 2016
1.Made in the USA (feat. Bianca Sings)
Pharaoh Height (EP) 2015
Tetsuo & Youth 2013
1.Animal Pharm
3.Fountain of Youth
4.Peace of Paper / Cup of Jayzus
Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 2012
1.Strange Fruition
2.ITAL (Roses)
3.Audubon Ballroom
4.Put Em Up
5.Heart Donor
6.How Dare You
7.Battle Scars
8.Brave Heart
9.Form Follows Function
10.Cold War
11.Unforgivable Youth
12.Hood Now (Outro)
13.Ayesha Says (Intro)
14.Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)
15.Bitch Bad
16.Atomic Misphilosophy
17.Go to Sleep
Lasers 2011-05
1.Letting Go(feat. Sarah Green)
2.Words I Never Said(feat. Skylar Grey)
3.Till I Get There
4.I Don't Wanna Care Right Now(feat. MDMA)
5.Out Of My Head(feat. Trey Songz)
6.The Show Goes On
7.Beautiful Lasers(2 Ways)(feat. MDMA)
8.Coming Up(feat. MDMA)
9.State Run Radio(feat. Matt Mahaffey)
10.Break The Chain(feat. Eric Turner & Sway)
11.All Black Everything
12.Never Forget You(feat. John Legend)
Friend Of The People 2011
2.Lupe Back
3.Friend Of The People
4.WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!
6.Life, Death & Love From San Francisco
8.Super Cold
9.The End Of The World!
10.Double Burger With Cheese
11.SNDCLSH In Vegas
Enemy Of The State: A Love Story (Mixtape) 2009
2.The National Anthem
3.Turnt Up
4.Yoga Flame
5.L.A.S.E.R.S. (Manifesto Interlude)
6.Angels (Remix)
7.So Ghetto
8.Say Somethin'
9.Thank You
10.The One
11.Popular Demand
12.Summit On The Summit (HP TV Commercial) (Provided)
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool 2007-12
1.Baba Says Cool For Thought(Explicit Album Version)
2.Free Chilly(feat. Sarah Green And Gemstones)(Interlude)(Explicit Album Version)
3.Go Go Gadget Flow(Explicit Album Version)
4.The Coolest(Explicit Album Version)
5.Superstar(featuring Matthew Santos)(Album Version)
6.Paris, Tokyo(Explicit Album Version)
7.Hi - Definition(feat. Snoop Dogg And Pooh Bear)(Explicit Album Version)
8.Gold Watch(Explicit Album Version)
9.Hip - Hop Saved My Life(feat. Nikki Jean)(Explicit Album Version)
10.Intruder Alert(feat. Sarah Green)(Explicit Album Version)
11.Streets On Fire(Explicit Album Version)
12.Little Weapon(feat. Bishop G And Nikki Jean)(Explicit Album Version)
13.Gotta Eat(Explicit Album Version)
14.Dumb It Down(feat. Gemstones And Graham Burris)(Explicit Album Version)
15.Hello / Goodbye(Uncool)(feat. Unkle)(Explicit Album Version)
16.The Die(feat. Gemstones)(Explicit Album Version)
17.Put You On Game(Explicit Album Version)
18.Fighters(feat. Matthew Santos)(Explicit Album Version)
19.Go Baby(feat. Gemstones)(Explicit Album Version)
Superstar 2007-09
1.Superstar(feat. Matthew Santos)(Album Version)2.Dumb It Down(feat. Gem Stones、Graham Burris)(Amended Album Version)
Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor 2006-09
1.Intro(Explicit Album Version)
2.Real(feat. Sarah Green)(Album Version)
3.Just Might Be OK(feat. Gemini)(Album Version)
4.Kick, Push(Album Version)
5.I Gotcha(Explicit Album Version)
6.The Instrumental(featuring Jonah Matranga)(Album Version)
7.He Say She Say(feat. Gemini And Sarah Green)(Album Version)
8.Sunshine(Album Version)
9.Daydreamin'(featuring Jill Scott)(Explicit Album Version)
10.The Cool(Explicit Album Version)
11.Hurt Me Soul(Explicit Album Version)
12.Pressure(featuring Jay - Z)(Explicit Album Version)
13.American Terrorist(feat. Matthew Santos)(Explicit Album Version)
14.The Emperor's Soundtrack(Explicit Album Version)
15.Kick, Push II(Album Version)
16.Outro(Album Version) (Provided)
1.Superstar (Fiascogate remix)
2.Paris Tokyo (live)
3.Can You Let Me Know
4.I Gotcha (live)
5.Day Dreaming (live)
6.Kick Push (live)
7.Dumb It Down (live)
8.Touch the Sky (live)
Trials and Tribulations: Mixtape, Volume 1
1.Welcome Back Lupe
2.Kick, Push II
3.16 Mic Check
4.Kick, Push
Touch the Sky
1.1st & 15th Is Back
2.Kick, Push
4.Dear Fall
5.Ignorant (freestyle)
6.Dead Presidents Resurrected
7.Switch Science Project
8.Tilted, Part 3
9.Lu Myself
1.Day Dreaming
2.We On
3.Intruder Alert
4.Go Go Gadget Flow
5.Ignorant Shit
6.American Terrorist
Street Smart
1.Pop Pop
3.Had Enough
4.Bring It Back
5.We Love You
6.The King
8.He Gets the Girl
Muhammad Walks
1.Goin' Up
2.Dead Presidents (freestyle)
3.And He Gets the Girl
4.Muhammad Walks
It Was Written...
1.I Gotcha (Kickdrums remix)
2.Kick Push (live band mix)
Food & Liquor
1.Theme Music to a Drive-By
2.He Say She Say (feat. Gemini & Sarah Green)
3.Daydreamin' (feat. Jill Scott)
4.Pressure (feat. Jay-Z)
5.American Terrorist (feat. Matthew Santos)
6.Ghetto Story
8.The Cool
9.The Emperor's Soundtrack
11.Carrera Lu
12.The Emperor's Soundtrack
13.What It Do
14.Kick Push
15.I Gotcha
16.Just Might Be OK (feat. Gemini)
17.Carrera Lu (Bonus Track)
18.You My
19.Spaze Out
20.Trials and Tribulations
21.Make Sure
22.Real Recognize Real
23.Hustlaz Song
24.Never Lies
25.No Place to Go
26.Game Time
27.Close Your Mind
28.Just Might Be Okay
29.Coulda Been
30.Steady Mobbin'
Fahrenheit 1/15, Part 3: A Rhyming Ape
1.Heat Under the Baby Seat
2.FNF Army Invades
3.Happy Industries
4.I Don't Feel So Good
5.A Bathing Harry
6.Make Sure U Getta Shirt
Fahrenheit 1/15, Part 2: Revenge of the Nerds
1.I'm Coming (freestyle)
2.Outty 5000
4.Conflict Diamonds
5.Your Attention Please
7.Jedi Mind Tricks
9.Lupe the Killer
10.Fast Money
11.Don't Get It Twisted
12.Didn't You Know
13.Mean & Vicious
14.Much More
15.Tilted In Any Colour You Like
Fahrenheit 1/15, Part 1: The Truth Is Among Us
2.Shayla G Up
3.Comin' From Where I'm From
4.Slow Down
6.The Run Down
7.Hater Hop
8.Jesus Walks (Ahk-A-Fella Version)
9.Boss Playa
11.The Champ Is Here (freestyle)
12.Knockin' at the Door
13.The Pen and the Needlz
14.Twilight Zone
15.Welcome Back Chilly
Chi-Town Guevara
1.Touch the Sky
2.Mean and Vicious
4.Lupe the Killa
5.Hurt Me Soul
6.Kick Push
Miscellaneous 1
1.American Terrorist III
2.Old School
3.Lamborghini Angels (Single)
4.Solar Midnite
5.Out of My Head (Single)
7.The Instrumental
9.Just Might Be Ok
10.He Say She Say
13.What It Do (Bonus Track)
14.Theme Music to a Drive-By (Bonus Track)
15.Kick Push (a cappella)
16.Tilted (Non-Album Track)
17.Around My Way
18.I'm Beamin' (Bonus Track)
19.The Show Goes On (Promo Only clean edit)
20.H.A.M. Freestyle
21.S.L.R. (Super Lupe Rap)
22.Dumb It Down (Radio Version)
24.Real Feat. Sarah Green
25.I Gotcha (Clean)
26.And He Gets The Girl
27.What U Want
29.Baba Says Cool For Thought
30.Could of Been
33.Stereo Sun
34.Joaquin Phoenix
35.Switch (The Science Project)
36.Accept the Troubles
37.Go to Sleep (Bonus Track)
38.Free Chilly
39.High Definition
40.Paris, Tokyo
41.Hip-Hop Saved My Life
42.Gold Watch
43.Street On Fire
44.Hello Goodbye
45.Gotta Eat
46.Dumb It Down
47.The Die
48.Put You On Game
49.Go Gadget Flow
50.Go Baby
51.Nothing On You [feat. Bruno Mars]
52.Little Weapon
53.The Coolest
55.Words I Never Said
56.Letting Go
57.Shining Down
58.I'm Beaming
59.I Don't Wanna Care Right Now
60.Out Of My Head
61.Coming Up
62.State Run Radio
63.Break The Chain
64.Never Forget You
65.Beautiful Lasers (Two Ways)
66.The Show Goes On (Single)
67.L.A.S.E.R.S. (Provided)
68.I'm Beamin
69.Words I Never Said (Single)
70.SLR (Round of Applause)
71.Just Might Be Okay
73.Streets On Fire
74.Things We Must Do for Others (Provided)
77.Pick Up the Phone (feat. Sebastian Lundberg)
79.Kneelin' On Needles
80.Superstar - feat. Matthew Santos Radio Edit
81.Kick Push (Live from Chicago)
82.Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos)
83.Superstar - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
85.Haile Selassie
86.B*tch Bad
87.The Show Goes On (amended album version)
1.Hurt Me Soul (Snippet)
2.Where Do I Go
3.I'm Breamin'
4.Hip-Hop Saved My Life - feat. Nikki Jean Explicit
5.Hip-Hop Saved My Life ( feat. Nikki Jean)
6.Little Death (feat. Nikki Jean)
7.No Scratches (feat. Nikki Jean)
8.Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood) [feat. Nikki Jean]
9.Little Death
10.No Scratches
11.Lil Weapon
12.Intruder Alert - feat. Sarah Green Explicit
13.Intruder Alert (feat. Sarah Green)
14.Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)
15.Madonna (And Other Mothers In the Hood)
16.Blur My Hands (feat. Guy Sebastian)
17.Sittin' Sideways (remix)
18.Sittin Sideways
19.Fighters - feat. Matthew Santos Explicit
20.Hello/Goodbye [Uncool] - feat. Unkle Explicit
21.Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)

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