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Avril Lavigne( Avril Ramona Lavigne )【 50 albums 573 lyrics 】
Avril Ramona Lavigne (/ˈævrɪl ləˈviːn/; French: [avʁil laviɲ]) (born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress. By the age of 15, she had appeared on stage with Shania Twain; by 16, she had signed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records worth more than $2 million. In 2002 she released her debut album, Let Go, emphasising a skate punk persona which earned her honorific titles including The 'Pop Punk Princess'. Since her professional debut, Lavigne has sold more than 40 million albums and over 50 million singles worldwide. Lavigne is considered a key musician in the development of pop punk music since she paved the way for female-driven punk-influenced pop music.

Let Go made Lavigne the youngest female soloist to reach number 1 in the UK. As of 2013, it has sold nearly 7 million copies in the United States and over 20 million copies worldwide. Her breakthrough single, 'Complicated', peaked at number 1 in many countries around the world, as did the album Let Go. Her second studio album, Under My Skin, was released in May 2004 and was her first album to peak at number 1 on the US Billboard 200, eventually selling more than 12 million copies worldwide.

The Best Damn Thing, Lavigne's third album, was released in April 2007, becoming her third number 1 album in the UK Albums Chart and featuring her first US Billboard Hot 100 number 1 single, 'Girlfriend'. Lavigne has scored six number-one singles worldwide, including 'Complicated', 'Sk8er Boi', 'I'm with You', 'My Happy Ending', 'Nobody's Home', and 'Girlfriend'. Lavigne is one of the top-selling artists releasing albums in the US, with over 12 million copies certified by the RIAA. Her fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, was released in March 2011. Goodbye Lullaby gave Lavigne her fourth top 10 album on the US Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart and her third number 1 album in both Japan and Australia. Three months after the release of Goodbye Lullaby, Lavigne began work on her eponymously titled fifth studio album, which was released by Epic Records on 1 November 2013 following her departure from RCA Records in 2011.

Lavigne took a break from recording music, pursuing careers in feature film acting and designing clothes and perfumes. She voiced Heather, a Virginia opossum, in the animated film Over the Hedge in 2006. That same year, she made her on-screen feature film debut in Fast Food Nation. In 2008, Lavigne introduced her clothing line, Abbey Dawn, and in 2009 she released her first perfume, Black Star, which was followed by Forbidden Rose in 2010, and Wild Rose in 2011. In July 2006, Lavigne married her boyfriend of two years, Deryck Whibley, lead singer and guitarist for Sum 41. The marriage lasted four years. In October 2009, Lavigne filed for divorce. Whibley and Lavigne continued to work together, with Whibley producing her fourth album, as well as Lavigne's single 'Alice', written for Tim Burton's film Alice in Wonderland.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Let Go(20th Anniversary Edition) 2022-06
1.Losing Grip
3.Sk8er Boi
4.I'm With You
8.Anything But Ordinary
9.Things I'll Never Say
10.My World
11.Nobody's Fool
12.Too Much To Ask
15.Get Over It
16.Breakaway (Provided)
17.Falling Down(From The Sweet Home Alabama Original Soundtrack) (Provided)
18.I Don't Give(From The American Wedding Original Soundtrack) (Provided)
19.Make Up
Love Sux 2022-02
1.Cannonball (Provided)
2.Bois Lie(feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
3.Bite Me (Provided)
4.Love It When You Hate Me(feat. Blackbear) (Provided)
5.Love Sux (Provided)
6.Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending
8.Déjà Vu
9.F.U. (Provided)
10.All I Wanted(feat. Mark Hoppus) (Provided)
11.Dare To Love Me (Provided)
12.Break Of A Heartache (Provided)
Head Above Water 2019-02
1.Head Above Water
3.I Fell In Love With The Devil
4.Tell Me It's Over
5.Dumb Blonde (feat. Nicki Minaj)
6.It Was in Me
10.Bigger Wow
11.Love Me Insane
Dumb Blonde 2019-02
1.Dumb Blonde
Tell Me It's Over 2018-12
1.Tell Me It's Over
Head Above Water(EP) 2018-09
1.Head Above Water
Fly 2015-04
Avril Lavigne 2013-11
1.Rock N Roll(Explicit Version)
2.Here's To Never Growing Up
4.Bitchin' Summer
5.Let Me Go(feat. Chad Kroeger)
6.Give You What You Like(滿足你的願望)
7.Bad Girl(feat. Marilyn Manson)
8.Hello Kitty
9.You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
10.Sippin' On Sunshine
11.Hello Heartache
12.Falling Fast
13.Hush Hush
Rock N Roll 2013-08
1.Rock N Roll
Here's To Never Growing Up 2013-04
1.Here's To Never Growing Up
再見搖籃曲 - 冰藍終極特典(Goodbye Lullaby - Special Edition) 2012-02
1.Black Star(黯黑之星)
2.What The Hell(管他的)
4.Wish You Were Here(希望你在身邊)
6.Stop Standing There(別傻傻站在那)
7.I Love You(我愛你)
8.Everybody Hurts(愛讓人受傷)
9.Not Enough(愛不夠)
10.4 Real(認真的)
12.Remember When(記得當時)
15.What The Hell - Acoustic(管他的 - 吉他版)
16.Push - Acoustic(別逼我 - 吉他版)
17.Wish You Were Here - Acoustic(希望你在身邊 - 吉他版)
18.Bad Reputation(壞名聲)
19.What The Hell - Bimbo Jones Remix(管他的 - 混音版)
20.What The Hell - Instrumental(管他的 - 演奏曲 ) (Provided)
21.Wish You Were Here - Instrumental(希望你在身邊 - 演奏曲 ) (Provided)
再見搖籃曲 - 魅紫豪華特典(Goodbye Lullaby - Deluxe Edition) 2011-03
1.Black Star(黯黑之星)
2.What The Hell(管他的)
4.Wish You Were Here(希望你在身邊)
6.Stop Standing There(別傻傻站在那)
7.I Love You(我愛你)
8.Everybody Hurts(愛讓人受傷)
9.Not Enough(愛不夠)
10.4 Real(認真的)
12.Remember When(記得當時)
15.What The Hell - Acoustic(管他的 - 吉他版)
16.Push - Acoustic(別逼我 - 吉他版)
17.Wish You Were Here - Acoustic(希望你在身邊 - 吉他版)
18.Bad Reputation(壞名聲)
Goodbye Lullaby 2011-03
1.Black Star(黯黑之星)
2.What The Hell(管他的)
4.Wish You Were Here(希望你在身邊)
6.Stop Standing There(別傻傻站在那)
7.I Love You(我愛你)
8.Everybody Hurts(愛讓人受傷)
9.Not Enough(愛不夠)
10.4 Real(認真的)
12.Remember When(記得當時)
巨星金曲混音(The Essential Mixes) 2010-10
1.Complicated(The Matrix Mix)
2.Girlfriend(Dr. Luke Mix featuring Lil Mama)
3.Hot(Wolfadelic Remix)
4.Sk8er Boi(Live Acoustic Version)
5.My Happy Ending(Live Acoustic Version)
6.Take Me Away(Live Acoustic Version)
7.Nobody's Home(Live Acoustic Version)
8.He Wasn't(Live Acoustic Version)
9.When You're Gone(Acoustic Version)
10.Girlfriend(Junkie XL Extended Mix)
The Best Damn Thing 2008-06
1.The Best Damn Thing
2.Sk8er Boi (MSN Control Room)
3.Girlfriend (MSN Control Room)
4.Innocence (MSN Control Room)
5.Hot (MSN Control Room)
6.Losing Grip (MSN Control Room)
Control Room Live(EP) 2008-04
1.Sk8er Boi (MSN Control Room)
2.Girlfriend (MSN Control Room)
3.Innocence (MSN Control Room)
4.Hot (MSN Control Room)
5.Losing Grip (MSN Control Room)
All You Will Never Know(新歌+精選專輯) 2008
1.I Don't Give
3.Get Over It
4.Take Me Away(帶我走)
6.Falling Into History
7.Falling Down
8.Tomorrow You Didn'T
9.Things I'll Never Say(難以啟齒的話)
10.All You Will Never Know
11.Once And For Real
12.Make Up
13.Not The Only One
14.I'll be
15.Move Your Little Self On
16.You Never Satisfy Me
17.Let Go.
19.I Always Get What I Want
20.The Scientist
22.Knockin' On Heaven's Door
23.Oh Holy Night (Featuring Chantal Kreviazuk)
24.When You're Gone (Acoustic)
25.I Can Do Better (Acoustic)
26.Nobody's Home (Acoustic)
27.I Will Be (Featuring Leona Lewis)
28.Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Remix) (featuring Lil Mama)
Hot 2007-12
2.I Can Do Better(Acoustic Version)
3.Hot (live)
4.When You're Gone (Acoustic)
5.Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Mix) (Feat. Lil' Mama)
When You're Gone 2007-07
1.When You're Gone
2.Girlfriend (DrLuke Mix Featuring Lil Mama)
3.Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 Mix - English)
The Best Damn Thing(2007) 2007-04
2.I Can Do Better
4.The Best Damn Thing
5.When You're Gone
6.Everything Back But You
9.I Don't Have To Try
10.One Of Those Girls
12.Keep Holding On
girlfriend 2007-04
Diamond Collection 2006-11
1.I'm With You
2.Don't Tell Me
3.Losing Grip
4.My Happy Ending
5.Sk8er Boi
6.Take me away
7.Anything But Ordinary
9.Nobody's Fool
10.Slipped Away
11.Nobody's Home
14.Who Knows
16.Freak Out
17.My World
18.Things I'll Never Say
20.Sk8ter Boy (Live Acoustic)
21.My Happy Ending Live Acoustic
22.Don't Tell Me Live Acoustic
Keep Holding On (CD Single) 2006-11
1.Keep Holding On
Fall to Pieces (Promo single) 2005-06
1.Fall to Pieces
He Wasn't 2005-04
1.He Wasn't
2.He Wasn't (Acoustic)
3.He Wasn't (Live Acoustic)
Nobody's Home(EP) 2004-12
1.Nobody's Home
2.Nobody's Home(Live Acoustic)
3.Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4.I Always Get What I Want
My Happy Ending 2004-08
1.My Happy Ending
2.Take It
3.My Happy Ending (Radio Edit)
4.My Happy Ending Live Acoustic
5.Take Me Away
6.Take Me Away (Live Acoustic)
Under My Skin[酷到骨子裡] 2004-05
1.Take Me Away(帶我走)
3.Don't Tell Me(閉上你的嘴)
4.He Wasn't(他才不是)
5.How Does It Feel(什麼樣的感覺)
6.My Happy Ending(快樂的結局)
7.Nobody's Home(誰來守候)
9.Who Knows(誰知道)
10.Fall To Pieces(破碎的心)
11.Freak Out(崩潰)
12.Slipped Away(愛已不在)
13.I Always Get What I Want
14.Nobody's Home
Avril Lavigne Live Acoustic 2004-04
1.He Wasn't (Live Acoustic)
2.Nobody's Home (Live Acoustic)
3.Sk8ter Boy (Live Acoustic)
4.My Happy Ending Live Acoustic
5.Take Me Away (Live Acoustic)
6.Don't Tell Me Live Acoustic
My World 2003-11
2.Basket Case
4.Skater Boy
5.Knockin On Heaven's Door
7.紐約市水牛城演唱會實況(Vcd) (Provided)
8.從未曝光之幕後花絮(Vcd) (Provided)
9.5首音樂錄影帶(Vcd) (Provided)
10.漏網鏡頭 (Provided)
11.寫真館 (Provided)
Mobile 2003-05
2.Complicated (Tom-Lord Alge Mix)
3.Let Go
4.All You Will Never Know
Losing Grip 2003-05
1.Losing Grip
2.Unwanted(Live From Mexico)
3.I'm With You (Live From Mexico)
I'm With You 2003-03
1.I'm With You
2.I'm With You(Live In Mexico City)
3.Unwanted-Live In Mexico City(Live In Mexico City)
Try To Shut Me Up (Live EP) 2003
1.Unwanted (Live EP)
2.Basketcase (Live EP)
3.Losing Grip (Live EP)
4.Nobody's Fool (Live EP)
5.Sk8er Boi (Live EP)
Sk8er Boi (CD Single) 2002-12
1.Sk8er Boi
2.Get Over It
3.Nobody's Fool(Live BBC-Radio)
Complicated[超複雜] 2002-09
2.I Don't Give
Let Go 2002-09
1.Losing Grip
4.I'm With You
8.Anything But Ordinary
9.Things I'll Never Say
10.My World
11.Nobody's Fool
12.Too Much To Ask
Angus Drive 2002-01
1.Sk8er Boi
3.Losing Grip
B-Sides 2002
1.Touch The Sky
2.Stay (Be The One)
3.Not The Only One
4.Falling Into History
Avril Covers 2000
1.American Idiot (Cover)2.You Were Mine
World Name
1.Sk8er Boy
3.Two Rivers
4.I'm With You
5.Too Much to Ask
7.Anything but Ordinary
8.Losing Grip
9.Fuel (live)
12.Things I'll Never Say
14.Nobody's Fool
15.I Don't Give
16.Get Over It
17.Basket Case (live)
18.My World
Walmart Soundcheck
1.Girlfriend - Walmart Soundcheck
2.Sk8er Boi - Walmart Soundcheck
3.When You're Gone - Walmart Soundcheck
4.I'm With You - Walmart Soundcheck
The Bonez Tour 2004: Avril's 20th Birthday Party
2.I'm With You
4.Losing Grip
5.Anything but Ordinary
6.Don't Tell Me
8.Who Knows?
10.He Wasn't
11.Slipped Away (piano version)
12.Nobody's Home (acoustic set)
13.Fall to Pieces (acoustic set)
14.Tomorrow (acoustic set)
15.Forgotten (piano version)
16.Together (piano version)
17.Take Me Away
The Best Damn Tour: Live in Toronto
1.Bad Reputation Video Montage
2.Everything Back but You
3.I Don't Have to Try
4.I'm With You
6.I Can Do Better
8.Sk8er Boi
9.Losing Grip
10.Don't Tell Me
11.My Happy Ending
13.He Wasn't
16.When You're Gone
17.Girlfriend (remix)
18.Hey Mickey
19.The Best Damn Thing
Sk8er Girl (Live)
1.Sk8er Boi (live BBC-Radio 1)
2.Falling Down
4.Complicated (live MTV VMA 2002)
5.Tomorrow (acoustic session 2002)
6.Nobody's Fool (acoustic session 2002)
7.Get It Over
8.Unwanted (live BBC-Radio 1)
9.Things I'll Never Say (live BBC-Radio 1)
10.I'm With You (live BBC-Radio 1)
11.Mobile (live BBC-Radio 1)
12.Naked (live BBC-Radio 1)
13.Losing Grip (live BBC-Radio 1)
14.I Don't Give a Damn Live - Avril Lavigne
1.Don't Tell Me - MTV. com Live - Avril Lavigne
2.He Wasn't - MTV. com Live - Avril Lavigne
3.Knockin' On Heaven's Door - MTV. com Live - Avril Lavigne
Let Go: Instrumentals
1.Mobile (instrumental)
2.Anything but Ordinary (instrumental)
3.Tomorrow (instrumental)
Let Go (bonus disc)
1.[data track]
2.Nobody's Fool (live)
4.Unwanted (live)
5.I'm With You (live)
6.Get Over It
Miscellaneous 1
2.Avril Lavigne-Don't Tell Me
3.Don't Tell Me Me_*
4.Avril Lavigne - Mobile
5.I'll be
7.A Thousand Miles
8.Stay Be The One
10.Thing I'll Never Say
11.Mobile(Acoustic Video Version)
12.Im With U
13.'My Happy Ending'
14.Skater Boi
15.Avril Lavigne - My World
16.Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary
17.Avril Lavigne - 12 - Too Much To Ask
18.Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Fool
19.Avril Lavigne- Things I'll Never Say
20.Sk8ter Boi
21.11 Nobody's Fool 3:57
22.Avril Lavigne - Complicated (Whole Song!)
23.Sk8r Boi
24.Bad Girl
25.Wish You Were Here (Acoustic)
26.What The Hell (Remix)
27.What The Hell (Acoustic)
28.Give You What You Like
29.Everybody Hurts
30.Hello Kitty
31.Bitchin' Summer
32.Let Me Go
33.Black Star
34.Sippin' on Sunshine
35.Rock N Roll (acoustic)
36.How You Remind Me
37.Temple Of Life
38.Not Enough
39.Give It Up
40.Come Back
41.Punky Princess 4
42.Wishing About You
44.I Miss You
45.leave me alone
46.Unsolved Mysteries
50.Gothic Angel
55.Things I'll Never Say (acoustic)
56.My Happy Ending Radio Disney Edit
57.Sk8er Boi (Recorded Live From Dublin)
58.Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy(1)
59.Chop Suey
60.SpongeBob SquarePants Theme
61.Avril Lavigne-He Wasn't
62.Girlfriend (Mandarin Clean Version)
63.Girlfriend (German Clean Version)
64.Girlfriend (Japanese Clean Version)
65.Happy Ending
66.Girlfriend (Clean Version)
67.Girlfriend (Spanish/English Version)
68.Girlfriend (Spanish/English Clean Version)
69.Girlfriend (French Version)
70.Girlfriend (Portuguese Version)
71.Girlfriend (Portuguese Clean Version)
72.Girlfriend (French Clean Version)
73.Girlfriend (Italian Version)
74.Girlfriend (Italian Clean Version)
75.Girlfriend (German Version)
76.Girlfriend (Mandarin Version)
77.Dammit (Growing Up)
78.Under my skin
79.Damn Cold Night
80.He Wasn�
81.03 Skater Boy
82.Think About It
83.Good Girl
84.My Happy Ending (Live)
85.Kiss Me (Six Pence None The Richer Cover)
86.Falling Down (Sweet Home Alabama Soundtrack)
88.Not Gonna Run
89.Don� Tell Me
91.Stop Standing There
92.I Love You
93.Push (Acoustic)
2.Remember When
3.4 Real
5.Wish You Were Here
7.Bad Reputation
8.What The Hell
10.What The Hell (Single)
11.Wish You Were Here (Acoustic) (Single)
12.Wish You Were Here (Single)
13.All The Crazy People Get Ya Ass In Here
14.Hectic (Provided)
15.I Found True Love
17.Take Me Away (Live)
18.Tomorrow (Live)
19.How Does It Feel
21.Nobody's Home (Live)
22.He Wasn't (Live)
23.Sk8er Boi (Live)
24.Girlfriend (Japanese Version)
25.Adia (Live)
26.I Will Be
27.Unwanted (EP)
28.Complicated (EP)
29.Sk8er Boi (EP)
30.Losing Grip (EP)
31.Alice (Single)
32.I Don't Give A Damn
35.Near To The Heart Of God
36.My Own Worst Enemy
37.I'm Feeling This Dude
38.Behind Schedule
39.The Hockey Song
40.5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Countdown)
41.Breathing By Wires
42.Daddy Went To War
43.Everyday Again
44.Foolish (Leave Me Alone)
45.Here's Your Letter (Toronto Concert)
46.I Won't Be Home For Christmas
47.Jesse (Australian Record)
48.Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
49.Girlfriend (Japanese Version - Explicit) - Japanese Version - Explicit Version
50.Girlfriend - Callout Hook
51.Adia - MSN Control Room
52.The Scientist - Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge
53.Smile アルバム・ヴァージョン
54.Smile (instrumental)
55.Girlfried (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 mix)
56.Suggested Call Out Research Hook
57.I'am with you
59.What the Hell (Instrumental)
60.What the Hell (Acoustic Version)
61.Rock 'n' Roll (instrumental)
62.When You're Gone (Callout Hook)
63.Girlfriend (The Submarines' Time Warp '66 mix)
64.A Day in the Life
65.Skater Girl TV Spot
66.Girlfriend (Live)
67.Here's To Never Growing Up (Explicit Version)
68.I'm With You (album version)
69.Girlfriend (Dr. Luke remix) (feat. Lil Mama)
70.Hot (Japanese version)
71.Sk8er Boi (live acoustic)
72.Pick Me Up Take Me Away
73.Smile (Promo Only squeaky clean edit)
74.Happy Birthday Jesse
75.Sk8ter Boi (live acoustic)
76.Tik Tok
77.He Wasn't (live full band performance)
78.Song 2
79.All the Small Things
80.Best Damn Thing
81.Smile (acoustic)
82.What the Hell (main)
83.Keep Holding On (instrumental)
84.Complicated (remix)
85.O Holy Night (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk)
86.Girlfriend [Mandarin]
87.Girlfriend (feat. Lil' Mama)
89.Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Live
90.Complicated (DJ REN MIX)
91.Let Me Go(feat.Chad Kroeger)
92.The Scientist (Live)
93.Rock N Roll (Clean Version)
94.Girlfriend (Spanish Version)
95.When Your're Gone
96.Wish You Were Here - Acoustic Version
97.Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Studio Version)
98.Girlfriend (Dr. Luke mix)

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