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Blue are an English R&B group consisting of members Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe. The band originally formed in 2000 by Paul Doyle, who was also lead singer, before leaving to Work on solo projects, and collaborations with artists such as Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake and the Wu Tang Clan. They released three studio albums, All Rise (2001), One Love (2002) and Guilty (2003) that all peaked at number one in the United Kingdom alongside releasing 16 singles, over a four-year period. The group also worked alongside artists such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Lil' Kim. In late 2004, the group announced a hiatus and released their first compilation album, Best of Blue, on 15 November 2004.

On 28 April 2009, Blue announced that they had reformed, and would return to the stage in the summer of that year. The band reunited once again in January 2011 and represented the United Kingdom at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf with the song 'I Can', coming in 11th place with 100 points. Blue released their fourth studio album, Roulette on 25 January 2013 with 'Hurt Lovers' as the lead single. The following month, it was confirmed that the group would be joining The Big Reunion, in which six groups from the past (including Liberty X, Atomic Kitten and 5ive) reform for a one-off gig. From May 2013, the group toured the UK and Ireland with the other groups in The Big Reunion concert series. On 27 March 2013, the group announced they would embark on their first headlining tour later on in the year, their first tour in nearly ten years. As of 2013, Blue have sold 15 million records worldwide, including 3.3 million albums and 1 million singles in the UK alone. In April 2015 Blue were dropped by their record label Sony due to the comparatively poor sales of their fifth album Colours, which sold 4,000 copies in its first week.

Antony Costa
Duncan James
Lee Ryan
Simon Webbe
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Colours 2015
1.King of the World
2.You're the Only One
4.If You Don't Know Me By Now
5.Nothing Like You
7.I Don't Want to Talk About It
9.Hang On In There Baby
10.Endless Love
11.Oh Girl (Provided)
Roulette 2013
1.Sing for Me
2.Give Me a Shot
3.I Can
4.Hurt Lovers
5.Break Your Heart
7.Risk it All
8.Heart on My Sleeve
9.We've Got Tonight
11.Black Box
13.Bring You Down (Provided)
14.All I Need
Hurt Lovers 2013
1.Hurt Lovers (TroyBoi Remix)
Club Ninja 2011
1.Dancin' In The Ruins Blue
4Ever Blue 2005-07
1.Get Down on It(Obi&Josh Mix)
2.Only Words I Know(Italian Version)
3.Quand Le Rideau Tombe
4.A Chi Mi Dice(Breathe Easy Italian Version)
5.Made For Loving You
6.Bubblin'(Obi&Josh Remix)
7.U Make Me Wanna(Big Jay Remix)
8.It's Alright
9.Move On
10.The Gift
11.Love R.I.P
12.Sweet Thing
13.One love(Live A Cappella)
14.All Rise(Acoustic)
15.Don't Treat Me Like A Fool
16.When Summer's Gone
17.Love at First Sight
18.4Ever Ballad 2005 (Provided)
Best of Blue 2004-12
1.All Rise
2.Too Close
3.If You Come Back
4.Fly By II
5.One Love
6.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
7.U Make Me Wanna
9.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
10.Breathe Easy
12.Curtain Falls
13.Get Down on It
14.Love at First Sight
15.Best in Me 2004
16.One Love Sequal/One Love
17.The Gift
18.If it Takes All Night
19.After The Show
20.Only Words I Know
21.Long Time(Smooth Mix)
Guilty 2003-11
1.Stand Up
2.Signed Sealed Delivered Im Yours
3.When Summer's Gone
5.Taste it
7.Rock The Night
8.Back It Up
9.Breathe Easy
10.Walk Away
11.Where You Want Me
13.I Wanna Know
14.How's A Man Supposed To Change
15.No Goodbyes
One Love 2002-11
1.One Love
4.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
5.She Told Me
6.Right Here Waiting
7.U Make Me Wanna
8.Ain't Got You
10.Don't Treat Me Like A Fool
11.Get Down
13.Without You
15.Like A Friend
All Rise 2001-11
1.All Rise
2.Too Close
3.This Temptation
4.If You Come Back
5.Fly By
7.Long Time
8.Make It Happen
9.Back To You
10.Girl I'll Never Understand
11.Back Someday
12.Best In Me
The Roulette Tour 2013 (Live at the Hammersmith Apollo)
1.We've Got Tonight (Live Version)
2.Break My Heart (Live Version)
3.Hurt Lovers (Live Version)
4.Break You Down (Live Version)
5.Broken (Live Version)
6.If You Come Back (Live Version)
7.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Live Version)
8.Heart on My Sleeve (Live Version)
9.Paradise (Live Version)
10.Sing for Me (Live Version)
11.U Make Me Wanna (Live Version)
12.Black Box (Live Version)
13.Ayo (Live Version)
14.Too Close (Live Version)
15.Fly By II (Live Version)
16.Bubblin' (Live Version)
17.All Rise (Live Version)
The Platinum Collection
2.Breathe Easy (Guilty Live Tour)
3.Rock The Night (Guilty Live Tour)
4.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Guilty Live Tour)
6.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Feat. Elton John
7.How's a Man Supposed to Change?
8.When Summer's Gone
9.Walk Away
10.Best In Me
11.Fly By II
12.Stand Up
13.Curtain Falls
14.Breathe Easy - Album Edit
16.Girl I'll Never Understand
17.When Summers Gone (live)
18.U Make Me Wanna (live)
19.If You Come Back (live)
20.Guilty (live)
21.Fly By (live)
22.Taste It (live)
23.Too Close (live)
24.One Love (live)
25.Jackson Medley: Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal (live)
26.Bubblin' (live)
27.Ain't Got You
28.Long Time
29.Make It Happen
30.Back Some Day
31.Best in Me (2004)
32.Love at First Sight
33.Back to You (live)
Roulette Summer Edition EP
1.Break My Heart (Single Mix)
2.Sing For Me (Tracy Young Mix)
3.Paradise (Tracy Young Mix)
4.Ayo (Tracy Young Mix)
5.Without You
1.The Gift
2.4 Play
3.Whatever Happens
5.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest word(Solo Version)
6.Breathe Easy(Alternative)
7.Breathe Easy
8.Bibbling (Provided)
9.If You Come Back
Breathe Easy
1.Taste It (live from the tour)
2.Whatever Happens
3.Breathe Easy (Alternative Edit)
4.Breathe Easy - Album Edit
5.Breathe Easy
Blue: The Platinum Collection
1.Girl I'll Never Understand
2.All Rise (Guilty Live Tour)
3.Too Close (Guilty Live Tour)
4.One Love (Guilty Live Tour)
5.How's a Man Supposed to Change?
7.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Radio Edit)
8.Breathe Easy (Album Edit)
9.Curtain Falls
10.Stand Up
11.Fly By II
12.Walk Away
13.Best In Me (2004)
14.Taste It (Guilty Live Tour)
15.When Summer's Gone (Guilty Live Tour)
16.Ain't Got You
17.You and Me Bubblin'
18.Back to You (Guilty Live Tour)
19.Fly By (Guilty Live Tour)
20.Guilty (Guilty Live Tour)
21.Rock the Night (Guilty Live Tour)
22.Bubblin' (Guilty Live Tour)
23.If You Come Back (Guilty Live Tour)
24.Alive (Guilty Live Tour)
25.U Make Me Wanna (Guilty Live Tour)
2.Love Rip
3.Fly By II (Remix)
4.Ahhh..If U Come Back From The Coast Christine
5.Thats it Baby
6.Breathe Easy Mix
7.Lead Me Lord
8.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest
9.Get Down On It (Radio Edit)
10.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word [Feat. Elton John]
11.Lonely This Christmas
12.Hound Dog
13.How's A Man Supposed To Change?
15.Stand Up By Lenka
16.You Make Me Wanna
17.One Love
18.All Rise - Radio Version
19.I Can - Radio Edit - Star Sign
20.I Can (Original Mix)
21.Ballad Medley
22.I Can (Eurovision 2011 - United Kingdom)
23.Broken (Edit)
24.Hurt Loves
25.Break You Down
26.Everybody Needs Somebody (European mix)
27.Blue Nights
28.Only One I Love
29.Capture Your Heart
30.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours (feat. Stevie Wonder and Angie Stone)
31.Signed Sealed Delivered (feat. Stevie Wonder)
32.You Make Me Wanna (Urban North Extended mix)
33.If You Come Back (Blacksmith Smooth RnB Rub)
34.Welcome to the Show
35.Curtain Falls (album version)
36.Fly by II (Stargate Trilogy mix)
37.Album Ballad Medley
38.Too Close (Blacksmith R & B Club Rub)
40.Without You (Jiggy Joint Hip-House Remix)
41.Gettin Money
42.What Can I Do
43.Murda Dem
44.Red Light Song
45.I Can (Radio Edit)

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