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Naughty By Nature【 9 albums 169 lyrics 】
Naughty by Nature is a Grammy Award-winning American hip hop trio from East Orange, New Jersey consisting of Treach (Anthony Criss, born December 2, 1970), Vin Rock (Vincent Brown, born September 17, 1970), and DJ Kay Gee (born Keir Lamont Gist, September 15, 1969).
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Anthem Inc. 2011
2.Feel Me Flow
3.Hip Hop Hooray
4.Uptown Anthem
5.Perfect Party
6.Name Game (Remember) (Provided)
7.Gunz & Butta (Provided)
8.I Know What It's Like (Provided)
9.Impeach The Planet (Provided)
10.Doozit (Provided)
12.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
13.Anthem Inc. (Intro) (Provided)
14.I Gotta Lotta
15.Naughty Nation Throw It Up CD (Provided)
16.Lovin' U More (Instrumental) (Provided)
17.Name Game (Remember) (Instrumental) (Provided)
18.Perfect Party (Instrumental) (Provided)
20.Lovin' U More (Provided)
21.Ride (Provided)
Greatest Hits:Naughty's Nicest 2003-06
2.Uptown Anthem
3.Everything's Gonna Be Alright
4.Guard Your Grill
5.Wickedest Man Alive
6.Everyday All Day
7.1, 2, 3
8.Yoke The Joker
9.Hip Hop Hooray
10.Written On Ya Kitten (Provided)
11.It's On(Kay Gee Remix)
12.Poor Man's Poetry (Provided)
13.Feel Me Flow
15.Mourn You 'Til I Join You
16.Dirt All by My Lonely
Nature's Finest:Naughty By Nature's Greatest Hits 1999-03
1.Hip Hop Hooray
3.Uptown Anthem
5.Everything's Gonna Be Alright
6.It's On
7.Craziest(Crazy C Remix)
8.Written On Ya Kitten(Qd Iii Remix)
9.Feel Me Flow
10.Clap Yo Hands(Remix)
11.Nothing To Lose(Naughty Live)
12.Guard Your Grill
13.1, 2, 3
14.Poor Man's Poetry(From poetic Justice') (Provided)
15.Wickedest Man Alive
16.Naughty By Nature(The Megamix)
17.Mourn You 'Til I Join You
19 Naughty Nine:Nature's Fury 1999
1.Would've Done The Same For Me
5.On The Run
6.Live Or Die
7.We Could Do It
8.The Blues
10.Dirt All By My Lonely
12.Wicked Bounce
Poverty's Paradise 1995
2.Chain Remains
3.Holdin' Fort
4.It's Workin'
5.Clap Yo' Hands
7.Slang Bang
9.World Goes Round
10.Hang Out And Hustle
11.Feel Me Flow
12.Respect Due
13.City Of Ci-Lo
14.Clap Yo Hands
16.Double I Skit (Provided)
17.Holdin Fort
18.Intro Skit
19.Klickow Klickow
20.Outro (Provided)
21.Poverty's Paradise (Provided)
22.Radio Skit
23.Shout Out
24.Webber Skit (Provided)
19 Naughty Iii 1993
1.Hip-Hop Hooray
2.19 Naughty Iii
3.Cruddy Clique
4.Daddy Was A Street Corner (Provided)
5.Hot Potato
6.It's On
7.Knock Em Out Da Box (Provided)
8.Ready For Dem
9.Sleepin' On Jersey (Provided)
10.Sleepwalkin' Ii/shout Outs (Provided)
11.Take It To Ya Face
12.The Hood Comes First
13.The Only Ones (Provided)
14.Written On Ya Kitten (Provided)
Naughty By Nature 1991
1.Strike a Nerve
2.Everyday All Day
3.Guard Your Grill
4.Yoke The Joker
5.Pin the Tail on the Donkey
6.Wickedest Man Alive
8.Everything's Gonna Be Alright
9.1, 2, 3
10.Thankx for Sleepwalking
11.Let the Ho's Go
12.Rhyme'll Shine On
13.Uptown Anthem
Nineteen Naughty Nine
1.Intro (Provided)
2.Ring The Alai'm (Provided)
3.Dirt All By My Lonely
5.Live Or Die
6.On The Run
9.Would've Done The Same For Me
12.We Could Do It
13.The Blues
14.Wicked Bounce
15.Live Then Lay
16.The Shivers
2.Ring the Alarm
3.Ghetto Bastard
4.Nothin' To Lose (Naughty Live)
5.Feels Good
6.'1, 2, 3'
7.Ain't Nobody
8.Feels Good'(feat. 3LW
9.Ghetto Bastard (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)
10.What U Wanna Do (Snippet)
11.Family Tree
12.Nothing To Lose
13.Rock & Roll (Featuring Redman & Method Man)
14.World Go Round
15.Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout A Thing)
16.Wickedest Man Alive Featuring Queen Latifah
17.Mourn Till I Join You
18.Feels Good (Remix)
19.Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout a Thang)
20.Feels Good (Don't Worry)
21.Hip Hop Hooray - Club Mix Remastered
22.Nothing to Lose (Naughty live) (radio edit)
23.O.P.P. (live)
24.Hip Hop Hooray (Re-Recorded)
25.O.P.P. (Re-Recorded)
26.Here Comes the Money
27.Shane McMahon - Here Comes The Money
28.Get to Know Me Better
29.Feel Me Flow (radio edit)
30.Feel Me Flow (Feel the Funk remix)
31.Everything's Going to Be Alright
32.Naughty by Nature (feat. Carl Thomas)
33.Uptown Anthum
34.It's On (Sunship remix)
35.Jamboree (radio mix)
36.Feels Good (Don't Worry About a Thing)

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